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2007 August 10 — Why Now?
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Why I Pay For Hosting

When I switched to my own site there were a lot of problems with Blogger, but another problem was someone didn’t like something I wrote and “flagged” my site as spam. I had to go through a hassle to get it back up. So when I was looking for a host, in addition to cheap [you have to make more money than I do to say inexpensive] I wanted a host who didn’t tuck tail when there were complaints. I assumed that who ever complained to Blogger would be back.

Well, Blogger is still at it, only this time Google disables own blog as spam. Yep, they labeled one of their own blogs as spam because it fit their “profile.” Aren’t software filters wonderful?

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August 10, 2007   9 Comments

A Pet Peeve

Actually the feeling is a lot stronger than that, but you get the drift.

Badtux refers to it as As usual, screw the little guy, and Steve Soto says Bush Finally Enforces Immigration Laws.

This is about the Hedgemony exacting penalties for people who employ undocumented aliens, as well as the workers themselves. The laws involved were passed from ten to twenty years ago, but they have been ignored for the last seven years. Now they decide to enforce them, apparently in annoyance with the Congress for not passing new laws.

Every time someone suggest that a new law is needed and I check, there are already laws on the books that might solve the problem, but the old laws aren’t being enforced. What is the point of killing more trees to print new laws when there is apparently no ability and/or willingness to enforce existing laws?

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August 10, 2007   8 Comments

Logistical Nightmare

In his role as a military penguin, Badtux posted War is Hell to start a discussion about William Tecumseh Sherman, the Union Civil War general who Basil Liddell Hart was the first modern general. Much of “Uncle Billy” Sherman’s success was based on his clear understanding of the importance of logistics. If you can’t supply an army, it ceases to exist.

His march through Georgia was predicated on the ability of the route he planned to supply what his army needed and the skills of that army to overcome physical obstacles. His army built roads and bridges as they moved. There was an apocryphal exchange in which someone said that a tunnel had been destroyed and that would stop Sherman. The reply was that Sherman probably carried a tunnel with him.

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August 10, 2007   9 Comments

A New Neighbor

I’ve added A.M. in the Morning! to my blogroll for a very specific purpose. Ana Maria has moved back to the Mississippi Gulf Coast to help her family recover after Katrina. while Scout at First Draft keeps New Orleans on peoples’ minds, too many think that the rest of Gulf Coast has recovered and is doing great.

Ana Maria makes it clear:

When I arrived back in March, I was shocked at everything. From the total disappearance of so much of my home town here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast through the evaporation of nearly every home and business along the 40-50 miles of beach going east to Biloxi, which is as far as I’ve traveled that way. Then going west to see family in New Orleans was more of the same: destruction, devastation, disappearance, and evaporation.

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August 10, 2007   9 Comments

A Little Advice

Over at First Draft the herder of ponies dispenses some wisdom: a US endorsement of a candidate in an election in a Muslim or Middle Eastern country is the equivalent of a Jane Fonda endorsement in a GOP primary.

Someone needs to remind the Hedgemony that Diebold isn’t supplying the equipment and Clearpoint isn’t scrubbing the voters’ rolls in other countries.

Oh, I would add Hugo Chavez and Daniel Ortega to the list of anti-victories.

August 10, 2007   2 Comments

Friday Cat Blogging


Friday Cat Blogging

Bast, it’s hot, when does it cool off?

[Editor: Property demonstrates what you have to do when you don’t have sweat glands and it’s hot and humid.]

Friday Ark

August 10, 2007   17 Comments