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2007 August 26 — Why Now?
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What Are These People Drinking?

I saw this on the CNN TickerObama invokes Bible in NOLA.

I thought I’d check it out and learned:

“Getting ready to talk to you today, I recall what Jesus said at the end of the Sermon on the Mount,” Obama said at New Orleans’ First Emmanuel Baptist Church.

So, Barak Obama speaks at a Sunday service at a Baptist church and “invokes the Bible” and CNN thinks this is “news?” As Terry Pratchett wrote, this is “olds.” If Senator Obama had “invoked Satan,” that would be “news.” [I’m not even going to bother with the abuse of “invokes.]

What’s next – Jimmy Carter discusses the Bible in his Sunday school classes?

The people wrote this are actually being paid. They are receiving money to do this.

August 26, 2007   7 Comments

Because People Don’t Know

Two years ago Katrina had already made landfall in South Florida and was on its way to the Gulf where it would become a monster.

In the aftermath I have noticed a lot of people who are complaining about actions of the state and local governments without understanding anything about disaster funding. There is one point I’d like to address because it is often used to disparage governments and is totally unfair.

[

August 26, 2007   6 Comments

No GOP Donor Left Behind

A lot of places have featured the Associated Press article, Iraq Whistleblowers Vilified, Demoted, about what happened to people who complained about waste and contracting fraud in Iraq, but a more complete run down on the entire mess is available [via Seeing The Forest] in the Rolling Stone article, The Great Iraq Swindle.

Everything the Hedgemony has done is geared towards giving the US Treasury to GOP donors. While a big splash was made about the two sisters who charged the Pentagon a million bucks for a couple of washers; that was chump change to an outfit like KBR, who ripped off more than that on their laundry and catering every week.

Billions of dollars are unaccounted for. This is in addition to the billions the contractors were ripping off, I talking about billions of dollars that don’t show up anywhere. You cannot trust the GOP with government money. They have no budgeting or financial management skills. Every time you vote for them the US ends up with a huge budget deficit.

August 26, 2007   4 Comments

The “Surge” Protection Racket

The Hedgemony is full marketing and PR mode to protect its “uninterruptible money supply” from the sheep in Congress. They are busy shoveling the agitprop into the catapults to rain down on the gullible.

Lurch of Main and Central found a prime of example of preemptive propaganda for the Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected [MRAP] vehicles at a Pentagon dog-and-pony show.

IRAQSlogger has the pictures of the megabuck 4WD vehicles: MRAPs Show Force Through Mud, Not IEDs, but the real purpose of the event is made clear in David Axe’s article, MRAPs = “Symbolic Targets”:

[

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Rook at Rook’s Rant has finally managed to overcome the problems and sort of upgraded to Movable Type 4, while sacrificing easy access to his archives. In any case he’s back to blogging but you have to register to comment.

Maru has really changed the style of WTF is it now?. It’s almost conservative.

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Passing the Plate

Florida License Plates

Florida Plate Blogging


Standard Florida Plate

A weekend feature of Why Now.

August 26, 2007   5 Comments