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2007 August 22 — Why Now?
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Dear Nancy & Harry

The Judas goat is not an example of the sort of leadership people are looking for from Democrats. You might want to consider that before you cave in again to the Shrubbery.

Just trying to be helpful as you seem a little confused.

August 22, 2007   4 Comments

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot – Over?

The Associated Press has a report, Spy chief reveals classified surveillance details, based on a El Paso Times interview:

WASHINGTON – National Intelligence Director Mike McConnell pulled the curtain back on previously classified details of government surveillance and of a secretive court whose recent rulings created new hurdles for the Bush administration as it tries to prevent terrorism.

McConnell’s comments were made in an interview with the El Paso Times last week and posted as a transcript on the newspaper’s web site Wednesday.

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August 22, 2007   4 Comments

Who Thought This Was A Good Idea?

Who is the White House speech writer – Theo Nion?

The Beeb reports: Bush in Vietnam warning over Iraq

President George W Bush has warned a US withdrawal from Iraq could trigger the kind of upheaval seen in South East Asia after US forces quit Vietnam.

“The price of America’s withdrawal was paid by millions of innocent citizens,” he told war veterans in Missouri.

Mr Bush said the Vietnam War had taught the need for US patience over Iraq.

His speech comes amid an apparent rift with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki, but Mr Bush said Mr Maliki was a “good man with a difficult job”.
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August 22, 2007   9 Comments

Hurricane Dean Final Landfall

Dean has spun back up to Cat 2 status with 100 mph winds and is about to come ashore around Tuxpan in the state of Veracruz. It’s continuing 20 mph movement to the West and current interaction of the tropical storm force winds, precludes further development.

It should tear itself apart in the mountains, but will dump a lot of rain along the way. The name, Dean, will be retired because of the loss of life and costs associated with it. Mexico’s second busiest cruise ship port, Majahual, is gone, including most of the concrete piers built for it.

Because it spent most of its time in the Bay of Campeche as a Cat 1, there should be minimal damage to the oil rigs.

August 22, 2007   2 Comments