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2007 August 30 — Why Now?
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Trojan Blogs

This has nothing to do with the Helen and Paris fling [no matter what Victor Davis Hanson may think].

From the Beeb – Bloggers battered by viral storm

Google’s Blogger site is being used by malicious hackers who are posting fake entries to some blogs.

The fake entries contain weblinks that lead to booby-trapped downloads that could infect a Windows PC.

Infected computers are being hijacked by the gang behind the attacks and either mined for saleable data or used for other attacks.

These people are real cyberscum and are responsible for major spamstorms and denial-of-service attacks through their robonets.

August 30, 2007   6 Comments

Tropical Update

There are four Invests currently being watched in the Atlantic basin:

94L is the most serious possibility. It is tracking a lot like Dean and is currently East of the Lesser Antilles. Development has been slow because of dry, dusty air to the North, but that impediment will be passed in a few days and it should spin to life.

95L is due East of Jacksonville, Florida, and if it develops looks like a problem for shipping and fish.

96L is due East of Jacksonville, North Carolina, and if it develops might cause some excitement for coastal Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.

97L is a Bay of Campeche pop-up that looks like it will be more unneeded rain to Mexico in the area Dean soaked.

The current steering is good news, but it won’t last. There have been several Bay of Campeche pop-ups lately, and if they get to head North, instead of West, life gets exciting.

August 30, 2007   8 Comments