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2007 August 09 — Why Now?
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SIGGRAPH 2007 is finishing up in San Diego today. It is the conference for computer graphics and digital imaging.

The BBC reports on furniture that acts like a chameleon and virtual art for mobile phone cameras.

August 9, 2007   Comments Off on SigGraph

Combating Global Warming

If you think nuclear winter is a good idea. The Russian long range aviation and started flying Tu-95 strategic bomber missions over US bases again, starting with Guam. The Tu-95 Bear fills the same slot as the B-52, a long range strategic nuclear bomber. Very distinctive aircraft, you can’t miss them, or misidentify them.

Speaking of bombing, the Dow closed down 300 points for the day.

August 9, 2007   6 Comments

Suspicions Confirmed


My expert on Hedgemony thinking confirms there was no reason to muck about with the FISA laws, although he was initially attracted to the fishy smell.

August 9, 2007   2 Comments


It isn’t just hot and humid in the eastern US, it is also polluted.

According to Jeff Masters, the current high pressure system that is dominating the weather in the East is generating ozone and trapping particulate matter, some of it from the wildfires out West, in addition to the triple digit heat indexes.

If you don’t have to go out and breathe it, don’t.

August 9, 2007   9 Comments