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2007 August 08 — Why Now?
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Fool Me Once

The ‘Joliet’ Jake Blues Award for Insincere Apologies goes to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid for their attempts to explain the vote on the FISA law.

The Stalin Prize for Government Control is awarded to the “Blue Dog” Democrats who didn’t have a problem giving the Hedgemony the power to invade the privacy of Americans without the inconvenience of a warrant.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

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August 8, 2007   20 Comments

Silly Voters,

Decisions are for the media and party insiders, not common “people.”

CBS’s Kathy Frankovic wastes everyone’s time by looking at what voters want: Scrap The Primary System, Polls Say

For nearly 20 years, seven out of 10 have said the same thing — that it would be better to have one national primary day with all states holding their primaries at the same time.

Probably what makes voters want a national primary is, most of all, a sense of fairness — that everyone should have a chance to participate equally. The public takes similar positions when it comes to the general election. They object to the projection of election returns before polls are closed, and have long supported a uniform poll closing: 73 percent across the country told CBS News in December 2000 that they favored setting a single poll closing time on election night, to make all polling places across the country close at the exact same moment. In that same poll, 71 percent supported having a single method of voting so that every polling place in the country would have the same rules and would conduct elections in the same way. Just 25 percent thought that voting process should be determined by states and counties. [Read more →]

August 8, 2007   28 Comments

Running Out The Clock

The Washington Post reports on the Department of Homeland Security’s latest attempt to take no responsibility for anything and to run out the clock: States feel left out of disaster planning

Bruce Baughman, Ashwood’s predecessor as president of the National Emergency Management Association and a 32-year veteran of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, said that a draft of the revised plan released to state officials last week marks a step backward because its authors did not set requirements or consult with field operators nationwide who will use it to request federal aid, adjust state and county plans, and train workers.

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August 8, 2007   6 Comments

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August 8, 2007   3 Comments