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2007 August 24 — Why Now?
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What’s A Cubit?

Michael of Musing’s musings is checking on the price of gopher wood and pondering the real question: “How long can you tread water?” as the rain continues to fall and the rivers continue to rise in his area of the Midwest.

But Fallenmonk reports that although the state is experiencing drought and a record number of days above 100°, a majority Repub committee of the Georgia House reports “No Worries” as Global Warming is not real.

Well, I know how much credence I put in a GOP judgment on reality…well, actually we don’t yet have an instrument to measure levels that small, but better electron microscopes are being built every year.

Update: If you never seen or heard the routine, here’s Noah on Youtube.

August 24, 2007   13 Comments

This Doesn’t Help The Environment

Bovine excrement increases greenhouse gases and exacerbates global climate change, so I really wish these people would stop.

DNI “Mike” McConnell spent a quarter century in military intelligence and served as DirNSA [Director of the National Security Agency] so he took the same course I did on the Fourth Amendment do’s and don’t’s. I couldn’t believe what I read in the earlier article, so I found the original piece.

In the El Paso Times article, Transcript: Debate on the foreign intelligence surveillance act, he makes the following response:

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August 24, 2007   4 Comments

What Was/Is The Prize?

Avedon Carol at The Sideshow cuts to the chase on Vietnam, and by implication Iraq, and asks the real question:

It would be nice if we could somehow force them into a real debate in which we get to ask them just what exactly it is they think we lost in ‘Nam, and what we would have won if we’d stayed. What prize would have been worth thousands more names added to that wall?

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August 24, 2007   2 Comments

Friday Cat Blogging

I Want To Be Alone.

Friday Cat Blogging

Go away!

[Editor: Dot is hiding in a place where the teenage cats and their psycho mother can’t get to her. I would like to join her.]

Kevin Drum, patron of Friday Cat Blogging, celebrated his fifth blogiversary on Wednesday.

Friday Ark

August 24, 2007   12 Comments