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2007 August 27 — Why Now?
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For Shame

A whole lot of y’all have posted on the unfortunate Ms Lauren Caitlin Upton, Miss Teen South Carolina, and her answer to a question on geography education. She obviously had no idea what she was supposed to say.

Excuse me, but half of the American electorate in 2004 voted for a man with an MBA from Harvard to be President of the United States who couldn’t have answered the question any better. All this video shows is that Miss Teen USA judges have higher standards than American voters.

I can assure you that Ms Upton feels bad about her performance, which is more than you can say about the resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Update: in comments Scorpio of Eccentricity has a link to Ms Upton explaining what happened on the Today Show.

August 27, 2007   7 Comments


I try not to get involved with economics because I hated the subject instinctively, mainly because what I was hearing in class wasn’t logical and couldn’t be applied in the real world.

Max of Maxspeak was one of the few economists who made a point of connecting what was going on with the real world and now he has announced: So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish. A new position precludes blogging.

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August 27, 2007   6 Comments

Speaking Of Wrong

Suspect Device

There was plenty of time to get ready and position equipment and people, but political events and birthday parties were more important to the Shrubbery.

Nobody on the Gulf Coast wants to see him, it just messes up their lives dealing with his circus.

Update: the Institute for Southern Studies has released their Blueprint for Gulf Renewal. You can access a PDF of the report on-line. They followed the money and the picture isn’t nice.

Update 2: Sorry Greg. The Graphic is from Suspect Device: The Blogwith permission. There’s a link with the graphic, but I should have mentioned the source before people start thinking I have any graphic talent.

August 27, 2007   2 Comments

So What?

He left to spend more time with his chickens, but nothing has changed and no one is going to clean up the mess he made. If he hadn’t died, the Shrubbery would have appointed William Mitchell to fill out the end of Gonzo’s term, to complete the re-hiring of the Watergate hacks.

The real problem with the sentiment “my country right or wrong” is that it has been so damn long since the US has done anything right.

August 27, 2007   9 Comments