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In adoring tribute to old style political corruption like Tammany Hall, you have straw polls that are won by the person paying the largest bribes to the largest number of people. The fact that Romney easily wins GOP straw poll in Iowa proves nothing more than he spent more money in Iowa than anyone else to get a media headline. He didn’t win a single delegate to the nominating convention with all of his money. The actual caucuses aren’t for months, and they are just as money oriented.

This is no way to select the leader of anything.


1 Anya { 08.13.07 at 7:45 am }

Yeah, but Brownback and Tancredo both bought some name recognition, which is NOT a Good Thing….

2 Bryan { 08.13.07 at 9:58 am }

Tancredo has a lot of name recognition…in Miami…among Cuban GOP voters. Calling Miami a third world city and bad-mouthing Hispanics is not a good thing for a Repub to do in Florida.

They have records that will only appeal to the whacko 25%.