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Drop By For Burgers?

Yeah, right, just your average middle-class Americans, the Bushies.

Cécilia Sarkozy is not apt to drop in at a neighbor’s for hotdogs when she avoided most of her husband’s victory celebration. The Times may write Cécilia, you’re breaking all the rules, but it is extremely doubtful that she cares. Her husband is the politician and has obligations, she didn’t agree to anything.

[the first link is to Youtube, if you’re on dial-up]


1 whig { 08.14.07 at 1:02 am }

Nice music clip. 🙂

2 Steve Bates { 08.14.07 at 9:31 am }

Fine music. I like that arrangement better than the canonical recording… it’s a bit quicker and a lot more melodically diverse. Who knows… even Madame Sarkozy might approve!

3 Bryan { 08.14.07 at 12:54 pm }

Listen to the word and you learn a lot about the Sarkozys relationship, although he’s as bad as she is on the fidelity issue.

There is a lot of commentary in the European press about the fact that she has no intention of being a political wife and attending the dinners and functions.