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Obersturmfury Dean – Sunday 2

Dr. Jeff Masters explains why it was a very bad day in Jamaica, even though the Cat 4 winds stayed off the south coast.

At 10PM CDT the hurricane force winds had ended for Jamaica and Dean was maintaining 145 mph sustained winds with gusts to 180. It is currently moving West [280°] at 19 mph towards the Yucatan but is now projected to strike further south around the Belize-Mexico border / Bahia de Chetumal area, and it is still projected to become a Category 5 hurricane as it passes over the warmer waters of the northwestern Caribbean.

The more southern track increases the distance between the storm and Grand Cayman Island, which may only experience tropical storm force winds.


1 ellroon { 08.20.07 at 9:28 am }

Oh boy. Thanks for the updates.

2 Bryan { 08.20.07 at 12:39 pm }

When one of these suckers has gotten up close and personal you pay attention.

California has its own problems with the fires and drought conditions.