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Who’s Supplying the Insurgents? — Why Now?
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Who’s Supplying the Insurgents?

Different veterans group, same disconnect for the Shrubbery.

The BBC reports: Bush warns Iran over insurgents

In a speech to US war veterans in Reno, Nevada, Mr. Bush renewed charges that Tehran has provided training and weapons for extremists in Iraq.

But he offers no proof of the claim because every time they run a dog-and-pony show with “proof,” they get caught faking it.

He also said:

Mr Bush said Tehran’s pursuit of nuclear technology threatened to put the Middle East “under the shadow of a nuclear holocaust”.

I don’t guess Israel in the West, Pakistan and India on the East, and Russia to the North are considered a threat. No, the possibility that in a decade, if they actually are trying to build a nuclear weapon, Iran which hasn’t attacked anyone in a very long time will be a threat.

If they are going to claim that Iran is supplying arms to insurgents, why don’t they do what the Turks did in the NPR report, U.S. Weapons from Iraq Making Their Way to Turkey.

Those sneaky, inscrutable Turks put the actual weapons seized from insurgents and gunrunners out on a table so the press could take their own photographs of the markings and copy down serial numbers that can be verified with the manufacturer that show, yep, those guns were bought by the US government as part of a shipment to Iraq.

Steve Soto’s look at the problem, Who’s Really Arming The Insurgents?, shows that the good old American profit motive has been moving those weapons from US warehouses on to the black market, while bribery and corruption was rampant. There’s nothing like running a government like a business.

Maybe it’s time for the Hedgemony to label the US Department of Defense a terrorist organization.


1 Badtux { 08.29.07 at 2:16 pm }

I’m not aware that Iran has attacked anybody within the past 200 years. But ooh they’re the big skary… boo!

– Badtux the Not-scared Penguin

2 whig { 08.29.07 at 2:29 pm }

History of Iran in the Wikipedia is interesting.

3 Bryan { 08.29.07 at 3:24 pm }

You can’t look at history because it keeps showing other people invading Iran for the past few centuries, rather than Iran invading them and you might think that Baghdad was actually built by Iran and the Shi’ia area of Iraq was all part of Iran at one point.

No, we must all drink of the Kool-Aid and forget reality.

Nobody really cares that the UK and Russia have been mucking about in Iran for centuries and have been joined by the US since World War II. It’s all Iran’s fault for allowing itself to be invaded. They should have stopped all of those dinosaurs and ferns from dying in their country and producing oil.