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How’s Retirement General? — Why Now?
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How’s Retirement General?

NBC reports on the remarks of yet another retired general: ‘A nightmare with no end in sight’

ARLINGTON, Va. – A “failure of the national political leadership” is responsible for the “nightmare” of the Iraq war, retired Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez said Friday.

If some of America’s political leaders were in the military they would have been relieved or court-martialed long ago, Sanchez told a conference of military journalists.

“Neglect and incompetence” by the National Security Council has led to an intractable situation in Iraq, the former commander of coalition forces in Iraq said.

The so-called surge of troops in Iraq is “a desperate attempt by the administration,” and the best the U.S. can do at this point is to “stave off defeat,” Sanchez said.

Asked when he realized the war was on the skids, Sanchez said, “15 June 2003” — the day he took over as commander of coalition forces.

Sanchez also railed on the media during his speech, saying that many people covering the war have political agendas and little concern about collateral damage when their stories are wrong. These members of the media are doing “a tremendous disservice to America,” he said.

Well, I think he covered all of the bases, although he seem to have extra spleen available for Ms Rice’s performance as National Security Advisor.  That seems to say that he believed the White House was more involved in decision making regarding Iraq than we were led to believe.