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2007 October 12 — Why Now?
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How’s Retirement General?

NBC reports on the remarks of yet another retired general: ‘A nightmare with no end in sight’

ARLINGTON, Va. – A “failure of the national political leadership” is responsible for the “nightmare” of the Iraq war, retired Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez said Friday.

If some of America’s political leaders were in the military they would have been relieved or court-martialed long ago, Sanchez told a conference of military journalists.

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When Fantasy Meets Reality

The BBC notes US rejects Russian missile call

Talks between the US and Russia about a US anti-missile system in Europe have ended acrimoniously and without any sign of progress.

The US rejected Russian appeals at the talks in Moscow to halt the scheme.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said his country would take steps to neutralise the threat posed by the missile system if it went ahead.

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Climate Change & Peace

The number of people I’ve seen who don’t understand the connection between climate change and conflicts that resulted in the Nobel committee selecting Al Gore and the IPCC for the Peace prize is amazing.

Does anyone think that the US would know where the Persian Gulf was, much less be occupied with war there if it wasn’t for a scarce resource?

Do they not understand that the people of Darfur are being forced out because they have arable land?

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Friday Cat Blogging

La Bella Donna

Friday Cat Blogging

Where’s dinner?

[Editor: The matriarch of all the feral cats decided to drop by for a nosh. Molly is the oldest and most senior alpha female. Normally she comes by at dusk.]

Friday Ark

In Memoriam

Last weekend Athenae at had to say good bye to Stripe, the last member of her original troika of ferrets.

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