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2007 October 13 — Why Now?
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He’s KGB And There’s No “Ex” About It

McClatchly thinks Bush, aides ‘grossly misjudged Putin’

WASHINGTON — The Bush administration’s failure to win Russia’s consent to install U.S. missile defenses in its European backyard and a growing list of other disputes suggest that President Bush and his aides have misread the man whose “soul” Bush thought he’d divined when they first met six years ago.

Bush’s strategy on Russia assumed that Russian President Vladimir Putin embraced democracy, wanted integration with the West and sought a “strategic partnership” in which Moscow would acquiesce to U.S. policies such as NATO expansion. Feuds could be resolved through the close personal relationship that Bush believed he had with his Russian counterpart.

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October 13, 2007   3 Comments

It Must Be Nice

CNN reports on Australia’s election: Howard sets November elections

SYDNEY, Australia (CNN) — Australia’s next federal election will be held November 24, Prime Minister John Howard announced Sunday at a news conference in Canberra.

The results could see one of the United States’ staunchest remaining allies in Iraq lose power to the anti-war opposition.

“This country does not need new leadership, this country does not need old leadership. It needs the right leadership,” Howard said in making the announcement.

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Turn Off Your Irony Meter

Before reading this or you could lose it to the overload. Jillian made it into a test, but Natasha gives you both barrels to the midsection.

I provide it as a public service, but turn down that meter before looking below the fold.

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October 13, 2007   10 Comments