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2007 October 20 — Why Now?
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Florida For Dodd

Hipparchia has a great idea: since Florida Democrats don’t get to join the Democratic presidential nominating convention on an official voting basis because of the shift in the primary date, Florida Dems should cast a symbolic vote for Chris Dodd to show support for his action in defense of the Constitution and demonstrate our distaste for the Democratic leadership.

We have to vote or the Repubs will slip some sort of nastiness by us in the form of a ballot initiative, and we may as will stick it to the DLC puppets who control things.

October 20, 2007   11 Comments


Since Kevin Drum is only a year away from being buried under AARP junk mail at 49, I thought I’d help him out with the puzzle of what happened in Syria.

The Washington Post tells us what the VSP are saying: Syrians Disassembling Ruins at Site Bombed by Israel, Officials Say

Syria has begun dismantling the remains of a site Israel bombed Sept. 6 in what may be an attempt to prevent the location from coming under international scrutiny, said U.S. and foreign officials familiar with the aftermath of the attack.

[

October 20, 2007   5 Comments