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2007 October 26 — Why Now?
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I’m getting too old to put up with this garbage. The claim that Syria was building a nuclear facility is based solely on Israeli intelligence. Israeli intelligence are the people who didn’t know that Hezbollah was building a reinforced tunnel complex throughout south Lebanon despite constant overflights, satellite imagery, agents on the ground, and military watch towers and patrols along the border. I guess the Lebanese were using invisibility cloaks and using dwarfs to do the tunneling.

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October 26, 2007   7 Comments

California Fire Update

The Union-Tribune’s San Diego Wildfires Blog has a Wildfire summary for the state, and a current fire map in PDF so you can zoom in to specific areas.

The Horno fire along I-5 in the north county was burning in the area of the San Onofre nuclear power plant, so, yes, Virginia, things could have gotten a lot worse.

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A Small Bit Of Justice

While it would have been nice to see an indictment for war profiteering, the Hedgemony didn’t get upset with these people until they learned that they ripped off the investor-class as well as the troops.

Body Armor Execs Indicted For Fraud

(AP) Two former top executives of the leading supplier of body armor to the U.S. military were indicted Thursday on charges of insider trading, fraud and tax evasion in a scheme that netted them nearly $200 million, federal prosecutors said.

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October 26, 2007   7 Comments

A Sense Of Humor

Dem Conference Logo

We may not be able to reclaim the state for sanity very quickly, but Florida Dems have a sense of humor and creativity. That’s the logo for a party conference.

The latest proof is Draft Katherine Harris dot Com. The video has been all over the ‘Tubes, but if you look at the bottom of the page you will see that is is paid for by the Florida Democratic Party.

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Disaster Tourist

TBogg explains why President Speed Bump should have stayed home.

You can show your concern with a video conference, a few stills of watching the coverage on television, and statement of concern. A statement that you don’t want to interfere with the recovery by showing up at ground zero and disrupting operations would be nice.

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Buy A Clue

A quick scan of the headlines showed reports that the ever vigilant Homeland Security Department is warning of the possibility of explosives in shoes.

Well, they are new, so perhaps no one told them about Richard Reed, “the shoe bomber”, who was arrested in December of 2001, and is the reason you have had to take off your shoes and have them x-rayed to get on an airplane for about five freaking years.

Before these people start poring over their intelligence reports, maybe they should read a few newspapers or watch the evening news.

Update: Here’s the CBS report.

October 26, 2007   3 Comments

My Sense Of Humor

Andante of Collective Sigh celebrates Islamofascist Awareness Week.

Cat Daddy & Dr. Squeeky celebrates making friends.

Danger Room runs a contest for a new Blackwater logo, while Lurch at Main and Central notes their IRS problems.

Der Verrückte Philosoph has been posting some of the ‘Nets strangest sites and videos at Peripetia.

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Friday Cat Blogging

It’s Cold

Friday Cat Blogging


[Editor: Excise and Property decide the clothes basket is a pretty good location to wait for warmer weather.]

Friday Ark

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