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2007 October 27 — Why Now?
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I’m So Old

I remember when a driver’s license was proof you could drive, and nothing else.

The Associated Press has the story: Homeland Security, New York agree on new driver’s licenses

Under the compromise, New York will produce an “enhanced driver’s license” that will be as secure as a passport. It is intended for people who soon will need to meet such ID requirements, even for a short drive to Canada.

A second version of the license will meet new federal standards of the Real ID Act. That law is designed to make it much harder for illegal immigrants or would-be terrorists to obtain licenses.

A third type of license will be available to undocumented immigrants.

Oh, yeah, I can really see the undocumented standing in line to receive a license that unequivocally proves they are in the country illegally. Obviously the state of New York needs to provide a “passport,” since the Federal government can’t handle the load.

What happens if Canada and Mexico decide that US citizens need passports and visas?

October 27, 2007   7 Comments

How do you solve a problem like Obama?

On the surface Barack Obama is a great candidate with a lot going for him – he’s young, energetic, intelligent, hasn’t sold out to the lobbyists, hasn’t had enough time to be tainted by inside the Beltway thinking. Going in he looked really good, and a fine choice, but it has been down hill ever since.

While you can find out who his campaign advisors are, you can’t really know who he’s listening to when they give their advice. As a result, whatever comes out has to be assumed to be his thinking and his opinion.

[

October 27, 2007   12 Comments

I’m Not Artistic

…but the new US passport is too cute by half.

Michael Currie Schaffer of The New Republic wrote an op-ed, An Embarrassingly Patriotic Passport, that contained a link the new e-Passport at the State Department site. [Warning: it’s an animation and you have to put your cursor on it to get it to stop.]

Using graphics to prevent counterfeiting is one thing, but this is going to be easy to counterfeit because it is so “busy” and distracting.

October 27, 2007   19 Comments

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

Orange T-Shirt

If you live in the Hudson Valley of New York, you may want to spend Monday in your basement. “Dead-eye Dick” Cheney is rumored to be murdering small caged animals in Dutchess County on that day.

If you are a lawyer, you might want to consider filing amicus briefs with the Hawaii supreme court next week or wearing a vest with your suit to avoid embarrassment.

Oh, yes, keep your birds, hamsters, gerbils, or any small animal in a cage away from your windows.

October 27, 2007   6 Comments