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2007 October 24 — Why Now?
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It Isn’t Just The Middle East

…these people can’t handle the Americas either.

Apparently totally unaware that Fidel had already designated the line of succession, starting with his brother Raul, the Hedgemony is trying to act relevant on the continuation of the current governmental system in Cuba. The Shrubbery trotted out the same old tired talking points that are approved by the aging Miami “Calle Ocho” crowd, that hopes to one day return triumphantly to Cuba and regain their abandoned property.

After 50 years you would think it was time to move on, but those people know how to hate, and to teach the hate to their children.

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October 24, 2007   2 Comments

A Geek Note

If you are trying to impress someone with the fact that you are e-mailing from an iPhone, it might help if the ISP you were using wasn’t AOL. Having to use AT&T and AOL are pretty much a deal killer for me, even if I thought I needed the capabilities of iPhone.

October 24, 2007   4 Comments

SD Fire Update

The San Diego Union-Tribune late night report: Fire damage severe, but worst may be over

“The worst is behind us,” said Ron Lane, director of the county Emergency Operations, at a news conference featuring Michael Chertoff, chief of federal Homeland Defense. While Chertoff said that he has spoken to President Bush he declined to say when federal assistance would be forthcoming.

“We will review the recommendation for emergency declaration promptly,” Chertoff said. Chertoff said before the feds act on it, “It has to be looked at first. It’s hot off the presses now.”

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October 24, 2007   20 Comments