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Corruption, Cronyism & Incompetence

CBS is noticing the effects: Fuel Fraud Latest In Army Contracting Woes

(CBS/AP) The delivery of aviation gas to the giant U.S. air base at Bagram in Afghanistan is the latest case of fraud to hit a contracting system overwhelmed by war and practically begging to be ripped off, CBS News national security correspondent David Martin reports exclusively.

So far two former employees of Kellogg, Brown and Root have been arrested for their part in a scheme worthy of Tony Soprano.

The two KBR men, who worked for the U.S. military at Bagram, forged receipts for 80 tanker loads trucked in but never delivered, according to court documents. The Pentagon paid for the undelivered fuel while the drivers sold it on the black market. For their role in the scheme, KBR employees divvyed up an estimated $800,000 in kick backs, reports Martin.

They noticed the lack of experienced people for contract oversight and point to it as a problem, apparently forgetting what the Hedgemony does to people like Bunnatine H. Greenhouse who report problems – they demote them. For the Hedgemony lack of oversight isn’t a bug, it’s a feature, and that’s why they haven’t made any effort to correct the situation.


1 whig { 11.03.07 at 4:08 am }

Consider the scale of theft going on at the grand scale that little thefts like 80 tanker loads of aviation fuel (or the monetary equivalent) are to be ignored.

2 Bryan { 11.03.07 at 2:45 pm }

It is amazing that billions have gone missing, but everyone wants to report on the thousands stolen by minor players.

3 hipparchia { 11.03.07 at 9:22 pm }

everyone wants to report on the thousands stolen by minor players because that way the incidents look only incidental and the blame rests on a few little guys who are easily caught. to report on the billions that have gone missing is to acknowledge that the problem is much bigger and the blame belongs much higher up. can’t have that!

like you say, lack of oversight is a feature here.

4 Bryan { 11.03.07 at 10:49 pm }

They are doing the same thing with Katrina, going after people who were “overpaid” and ignoring what the insurance companies and no-bid contractors have done.