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Too Dangerous For FEMA

But fine for hurricane evacuees.

CBS News reports that FEMA Protecting Itself, But Not Evacuees?

CBS News has learned that while telling the residents of its trailers that it is still working on the formaldehyde problem, it appears it prohibits its own staff from even briefly stepping inside trailers once residents have moved out.

In July the head of the agency told Congress he was working quickly to deal with the toxic formaldehyde issue.

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November 7, 2007   3 Comments

Aqua Dots Can Kill

Because there isn’t enough for parents to worry about: Millions of toys recalled; contain ‘date rape’ drug

WASHINGTON (AP) — Millions of Chinese-made toys have been pulled from shelves in North America and Australia after scientists found they contain a chemical that converts into a powerful date rape drug when ingested. Two children in the U.S. and three in Australia were hospitalized after swallowing the beads.

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November 7, 2007   8 Comments

Ignorance Is Normal

New York Times Books reports that Conservative Authors Sue Publisher

Five authors have sued the parent company of Regnery Publishing, a Washington imprint of conservative books, charging that the company deprives its writers of royalties by selling their books at a steep discount to book clubs and other organizations owned by the same parent company.

These authors are apparently totally unfamiliar with how corporate media conglomerates work, and how their individual works climbed on the bestsellers lists. It is always sad when the naïve are confronted with the harsh realities of the corporate world.

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November 7, 2007   3 Comments