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A Request

Cookie Jill of Cookies In Heaven and skippy the bush kangaroo wants people to remember the food banks, which try to do something extra at this time of year, but are facing more requests with fewer donations than ever.

November 14, 2007   5 Comments

While They Are On Strike

Writers like John Rogers at Kung Fu Monkey, are keeping their hand in blogging, as in Lunch Conversations #4223: Getting In on the Ground Floor.

Rook agrees that we should consider robot overlords while the Der Verrückte Philosoph notes another trend: Americans Announce They’re Dropping Out Of Presidential Race.

November 14, 2007   Comments Off on While They Are On Strike

Fiscal Reality

The Shrubbery has the gall to talk about the Dems being “teenagers with a credit card.” Let’s take a look at his bill. We have a national debt is excess of $9 trillion [ $9,000,000,000,000]. If it were all at 4% annual interest that would be $360 billion in interest per year. At 5% it is $450 billion dollars per year, while the Defense budget [without the wars] was $459 billion dollars this year.

We were beginning to pay down the national debt during the Clinton administration and the Hedgemony with the rubber stamping Repubs in Congress went on a 6 year spending spree. Somehow the fact that they have plunged this nation into unconscionable debt doesn’t bother the GOP. They will say “but the war” and the fact is, earlier Presidents raised taxes when the country went to war to pay for them.

You can’t trust the GOP with your credit card or your check book.

November 14, 2007   3 Comments

End Of An Era

funny pictures

Back when I drank alcohol my favorite mixed drink was Jack Daniels Black Label and Coke. Not cola, and not just any Coke, but the Coke in glass bottles from the original Atlanta bottling plant. The Coke in the glass bottles was made with cane sugar, not this corn syrup crap.

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November 14, 2007   14 Comments

Tropical Cyclone Sidr

There is a powerful tropical cyclone in the northern Indian Ocean that could be catastrophic.

Tropical Cyclone Sidr

Position: 16.6 N 89.3 E.
Movement: North near 11 mph.
Maximum sustained winds: 150 mph.
Wind Gusts: 185 mph.
Tropical Storm Wind Radius: 175 miles.
Minimum central pressure: 1008 mb.

About 400 miles South of Calcutta, India.

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November 14, 2007   2 Comments

Who Thought This Was A Good Idea?

Did you know that there is a key shortcut that turns your screen upside down if you are using Windows XP? I didn’t know that until Ringo decided to flop down on my keyboard and invoked the magic three-key combination. Oh BTW, re-booting doesn’t clear the problem and your mouse and arrow keys work in reverse.

To make matters worse, there was a Windows update, and I was wondering if that was the problem, until I developed the skills to Google upside down and backwards to find a group talking about this “kewl feature” of this bloated mess.

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November 14, 2007   21 Comments

Cognitive Dissonance

Full disclosure: I once suffered the indignity and aggravation of being a systems administrator at a college. I understand the problems, both technical and financial of trying to keep under-funded, over-worked, dated computer networks operating in something approaching a reasonable fashion while waiting for the next grant to show up for the next load of bubble gum and baling wire, as well as donated hardware and software that wasn’t compatible with what existed.

The News blog at CNet reports: Politicos near vote on anti-P2P rules for universities

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November 14, 2007   4 Comments

Pervez Strips

The Associated Press [apparently the only source of reporting at the networks 😈 ] writes that Musharraf says he’ll quit army this month

RAWALPINDI, Pakistan – President Gen. Pervez Musharraf said Wednesday he expects to step down as army chief by the end of November and begin a new presidential term as a civilian, warning that Pakistan risked chaos if he gave into opposition demands to resign.

[

November 14, 2007   Comments Off on Pervez Strips

Buy Your Ear Muffs Now

CNet introduces something else you never knew you needed: First ‘robot’ electric guitar tunes itself

Ever get mad trying to figure out why your version of “Voodoo Child” doesn’t sound like Jimi Hendrix?

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November 14, 2007   17 Comments