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Just Thinking Aloud

The problem with the “debates” is they are press conferences, not debates. Even with 8 candidates it would be possible to send all a copy of the issues to be covered and then give each an equal amount of time to address the issues. Presidents don’t have to think on their feet all that often, most of the job is accomplished by gathering facts and making decisions based on those facts. I don’t care what the moderator thinks, I want to know what the candidates think.

Looking at the United Hollywood post, Pencils2MediaMoguls, which provides the addresses of the six-pack of corporations that control the content in the movie and television industry, only one, GE(NBC/Universal) in Universal City, is actually in Hollywood. Disney is very close, in Burbank, but four of the six are in New York City. A lot of the shows may be made in California, but the decisions are made in Manhattan. I know, facts are really annoying.

As we await the latest assault in the collectivization of the media by the FCC, one has to wonder how allowing fewer and fewer corporations to own more and more of the media promotes competition. Deregulation under the Hedgemony would seem to promote monopolies, or at a minimum, cartels, not competition.

November 19, 2007   Comments Off on Just Thinking Aloud

Isn’t It Ironic

Fallenmonk reminded me that today is the anniversary of The Gettysburg Address.

The first Republican President was engaged in a war to preserve the Union from what would, in the twentieth century, become the base of the Republican Party.

Der Verrückte Philosoph at Peripetia has found the The Gettysburg Powerpoint Presentation for the CEO President.

November 19, 2007   4 Comments


This is going to sting, guys – from MSNBC Livescience Despite flash, males are simple creatures Females evolve slower, but it’s because they’re more complex:

The secret to why male organisms evolve faster than their female counterparts comes down to this: Males are simple creatures.

In nearly all species, males seem to ramp up glitzier garbs, more graceful dance moves and more melodic warbles in a never-ending vie to woo the best mates. Called sexual selection, the result is typically a showy male and a plain-Jane female. Evolution speeds along in the males compared to females.

I think we should wait for this information to fade before entering into any more “where are the female bloggers” discussions.  It’s the price we pay for Y chromosome.

November 19, 2007   13 Comments