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Congressman Dennis Kucinich has said that he has seen a UFO, and defines it as an object that was flying and he couldn’t identify it. Most of the planet have seen things in the sky they couldn’t identify.

The local community of Gulf Breeze has reputation as a hot spot for UFO sightings, and, not coincidentally, UFO frauds. There is a reason, and it has nothing to do with E.T.

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November 8, 2007   6 Comments

Not Really A Hurricane, But…

The BBC reports: North Sea surge brings flood risk

A storm in the North Sea has left Britain and the Netherlands facing the worst flood threat in decades with tidal surges predicted early on Friday.

Flood defences have been put on alert on the entire Dutch coast and flood warnings are in place for the eastern and northern coasts of Britain.

Dr. Jeff Masters notes: Huge North Sea storm threatens England and the Netherlands with serious flooding

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November 8, 2007   4 Comments

On The Tip Of My Tongue

There’s a word for what CNN is reporting: FBI warns of uncorroborated threat to malls

WASHINGTON (CNN) — In what one FBI spokesman described as “almost an annual ritual,” the bureau has obtained uncorroborated intelligence indicating al Qaeda would like to strike shopping malls during the holiday shopping season, two law enforcement sources said Thursday.

Those sources confirmed there is intelligence dating back to August that al Qaeda would like to attack malls in Los Angeles, California, and Chicago, Illinois.

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November 8, 2007   17 Comments

An Explanation

There are a lot of good things in the Water Bill – Gulf Coast recovery money, levees for New Orleans and Lake Okeechobee, the Indian River Lagoon and Everglades restoration work – to name a few of local concern, but they should have been approved on their own. The problem is that anytime there is an appropriation that seems to benefit a particular area, it must be loaded down with garbage from other areas to get passed in Congress. This is wrong.

Each of the items I pointed out are, in fact, Federal issues, not local. They involve Federal lands, and in the case of the levees, Federal screw-ups. The Federal government injects itself into an area, allows things to get messed up, and then tells the local governments to clean up the mess. They won’t regulate, refuse to permit the states to regulate, and then disclaim any ownership of the problem. This is why they aren’t trusted in a lot of the country. Of course, a study would so that the GOP is generally in power at the “birth” of these disasters, and keeps claiming that it is government action that caused them without mentioning that they are responsible for those actions.

November 8, 2007   4 Comments

The Worm Turns?

They wouldn’t do it to provide health care for middle-class kids, but the Congress will defend pork barrel projects that address the scourge of brown lawns and dirty cars.

The Associated Press reports [because no one else seems to do any actual reporting anymore] that Congress overrides the Shrubbery’s veto:

WASHINGTON – President Bush suffered the first veto override of his seven-year-old presidency Thursday as the Senate enacted a $23 billion water resources bill despite his protest that it was filled with unnecessary projects.

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November 8, 2007   2 Comments

They Don’t Get It?

Caroline McCarthy at The Social, a CNet blog, writes about a Michael Eisner interview with Neil Cuvuto, Fox Business News, about the Writers Guild strike: Eisner’s advice to striking writers: Blame Steve Jobs, not the studios

He said it would take about three years for Web video and other forms of digital distribution to gain enough of a foothold to be profitable–and that’s when the Writer’s Guild would have a case to make. “What I’m saying is for a current writer, for six thousand people to give up today’s money for a nonexistent piece today is stupid,” Eisner asserted. “They can do it in three years. They shouldn’t be doing it now.” Right now, the profit from digital content is “a piece of a nonexistent flow, which won’t be nonexistent, but it will be nonexistent for the next three years.”

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November 8, 2007   Comments Off on They Don’t Get It?

Happy Blogiversary™

Mustang Bobby at Bark Bark Woof Woof has been involved in this insanity for four years.

Hipparchia at Over the Cliff, Onto the Rocks has only been at it for a year at the end of last month and forgot to mention it. No doubt she’ll claim she has been too busy with kittens.

There are a lot of blogiversaries this month as people tend to get energized around election time.

Update: Mustang Bobby reminds me that among that “lot” is Echidne of the Snakes who kicked things off the same day he did.

Andante of Collective Sigh, my “blogmother” hit four years on Guy Fawkes day. [I am a bad blogchild]

November 8, 2007   10 Comments