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A Test

Scorpio did this at Eccentricity, so I plugged this place and it came back with:

reading level

which I’m not sure I accept. YMMV

November 17, 2007   17 Comments

How’s That Recovery Going?

Associated Press notes the Homeless camp outside New Orleans City Hall

NEW ORLEANS – The homeless of New Orleans have left the city’s shelters and gutted buildings to set up camp on the mayor’s doorstep.

About 250 homeless people have erected pup-tents – the only affordable housing they say they could find since Hurricane Katrina – and created a colony of despair in a grassy plaza outside City Hall.

Mayor Ray Nagin’s second-floor office faces the camp, and its residents rally almost daily with the chant: “Hey, Ray! How about a house today!”

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November 17, 2007   4 Comments

Who’s An Immigrant?

When looking at the Lessons of Spitzer’s license reversal they missed the biggest lesson: reason will almost never triumph over bigotry and ignorance.

I was born in New York state. I was in law enforcement in New York state. I voted in New York state. I had a driver’s license in New York state. I know what a New York state driver’s license proves, and what it does not prove.

A New York state driver’s license is proof that you have passed the requisite tests to operate a motor vehicle on the public roads. It is proof of your date of birth, as you have to present your birth certificate to obtain the license. [I was annoyed by that as I had a Texas driver’s license and was, I thought, transferring my license, but New York made me go through the whole process because I was under 18.]

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November 17, 2007   2 Comments