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Pervez Strips

The Associated Press [apparently the only source of reporting at the networks 😈 ] writes that Musharraf says he’ll quit army this month

RAWALPINDI, Pakistan – President Gen. Pervez Musharraf said Wednesday he expects to step down as army chief by the end of November and begin a new presidential term as a civilian, warning that Pakistan risked chaos if he gave into opposition demands to resign.

In an interview with The Associated Press, he blamed former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, currently under house arrest, for fueling political turmoil, and rejected Western pressure to quickly lift emergency rule, which he indicated was likely to continue through the January elections.

“All those who are blunt enough to tell me to my face what the reality is, all of them think, yes, it will lead the country to chaos if I do not handle the political environment now with me remaining as the president,” he said, speaking at his army office.

I guess bluntness doesn’t include anything about the emergency being the fact that the Pakistan Supreme Court was about to state the obvious: the Pakistani constitution doesn’t permit an active  general to be president, because nothing is being done about the Taliban and al Qaeda fighters lounging about in the Northwest Territories.

So, when does the Shrubbery resign as “Commander in Chief,” since he and Ms Rice think that it is terrible for a democracy to have the head of the military as the president?  Maybe they mean it’s bad unless the head of the military is an incompetent amateur.