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Friday Cat Blogging

…Some of the Cats…

Friday Cat Blogging

He’s making it up, right?

[Editor: Ringo, Income, Property, and Sox at the door, but Sox’s stories aren’t succeeding when Ringo is laughing and Property keeps asking her mom if that’s true. Property may be smaller than her brothers but she has enough tail for three cats.]

Friday Ark


1 cookie jill { 11.02.07 at 12:16 am }

Baby got tail.

2 cookie jill { 11.02.07 at 12:33 am }

Oh…and I’m kitty sitting the feline meatloaf this weekend.


3 Bryan { 11.02.07 at 12:52 am }

I don’t think there are going to be any major chases involved with Spider, Jill.

4 Modulator { 11.02.07 at 1:22 am }

Friday Ark #163…

We’ll post links to sites that have Friday (plus or minus a few days) photos of their chosen animals (photoshops at our discretion and humans only in supporting roles). Watch the Exception category for rocks, beer, coffee cups, and….? Visit all the …

5 Steve Bates { 11.02.07 at 1:31 am }

Good grief, jill, that cat would make Stella’s Tabitha and Samantha combined… and Samantha is no lightweight!

Bryan, having the cat(s) at the door certainly beats having the wolf at the door. Handsome cats; pleasing photo.

Stella just found a used cartoon book that purports to be a diary of Socks… yes, that Socks. It’s pretty amusing.

BTW, I finally got the Friday cat pic up on the YDD.

6 jams o donnell { 11.02.07 at 3:29 am }

Young’uns today just don’t have respect for the stories of their elders. Wow that’s a tail and a half on property!

7 Lab Kat { 11.02.07 at 9:21 am }

A beauoootiful group, indeed!

8 Bryan { 11.02.07 at 11:36 am }

Dot was watching them at the door from a chair just below the field of view, only Excise was missing – off causing trouble somewhere. They were attracted by the doves that eat the kibble out of the blue dish on the front steps, and, yes, they were eating from the dish while four cats were a foot away behind the screen door. Doves should have long gone extinct in the area, but the feral cats are letting down the side by not massacring them.

9 Badtux { 11.03.07 at 2:33 am }

You don’t fool me, Bryan. The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy was holding their daily meeting and waiting for a few fellow travellers prior to holding a vote as to what us humans (and penguins) owned by them will post on our blogs tomorrow. Oh sure, you talk about that silly “dove” story, but I know better!

Gotta go, my furry overlords are demanding more kibble…

— Badtux the Conspiracy Penguin

10 Bryan { 11.03.07 at 2:53 pm }

Probably, true Badtux.

OT: I assume you are having spam problems again as you are limiting your comments.

11 oldwhitelady { 11.04.07 at 1:42 am }

What a great shot. Sox must have some great stories.

12 Bryan { 11.04.07 at 2:02 pm }

They are great, if the truth isn’t a requirement. All he does in go under the house and freeze when he gets outside. I have to haul his overstuffed body out to get him back inside.