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Totally Bogus

Scout notes that the New Orleans newspaper lets the debate commission have it with both barrels: Times Picayune Blasts Presidential Commission on Debates.

The Times-Picayune editorial, A Shameful Rebuff makes sure that the commission knows that its “excuse” isn’t fooling anyone.

Claiming that New Orleans can’t handle a debate, but the University of Mississippi can, is absurd on its face.

If you don’t own your own plane you have to fly into Memphis and then travel 80 miles to get to Oxford, Mississippi, only 50 of those miles are Interstate. Thanks to a recent annexation, the population of Oxford is a whopping 19,000 people, over 30% of those people live below the poverty line.

The Repubs didn’t want to be put on the spot over the lack of Federal response to Katrina, or the fact that it was Federal levees that caused the death and destruction.