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2008 February 03 — Why Now?
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Update: the Pensacola Beach Blog has an example of the quality control in his local Gannett paper.

Avedon Carol of Sideshow pointed to this nice summary, What’s really wrong with newspapers, of the major problems of newspapers. It also applies to the broadcast media, because the same forces that are killing newspapers, are killing local radio and television stations.

In a nutshell, while the media is complaining about losing audiences of readers, viewers, and listeners, they are eliminating the single reason people would become a member of their audience – content.

I have no source of local news other than rumor. The local radio stations are almost all owned by a single company out of Mississippi, and they don’t “do” news. The single television station was bought by Sinclair Broadcast Group along with the ABC affiliate in Pensacola, so the local news content on television has just about disappeared. All of the local newspapers are owned by the same libertarian whackos who have been replacing substance with fluff and firing all of the long-time local reporters. Most of what is labeled “local news” are press releases from various public agencies. I almost never agreed with their editorial policy, but bought the paper for actual local news reports.

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Passing the Plate

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A weekend feature of Why Now.

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