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2008 February 08 — Why Now?
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Give Me A Break!

Here we are 9 months before the election and people are already talking about polls showing who going to win. In case you have missed it, the polls taken the day before primaries haven’t been able to predict who was going to win them. People do not start paying any attention to the Presidential election until after labor Day at the earliest. Making decisions based on what polls are reporting today, isn’t just a waste of time, it is a form of insanity.

Give it a rest, or have you forgotten what happen when people decided to select the “most electable” candidate in the 2004 primaries?

It is going to be a Democrat against John McCain and media, so forget the polls, they don’t include the media.

February 8, 2008   2 Comments

Friday Cat Blogging

No Blue Eyes For You

Friday Cat Blogging

Forget it, we know about the light, Flashboy.

[Editor: Excise, sprawled on a blanket older than I am, managed to close his eyes every time I took a picture.]

Friday Ark

February 8, 2008   9 Comments