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2008 February 07 — Why Now?
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A Brokered Convention‽

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Eric Alterman had a bit about a brokered convention from The Note [like The View, but not as serious] and then I started hearing Repub concern trolls talking about what a terrible disadvantage it was to only have two months of campaigning left after the convention in August, while John McCain is the Republican nominee now.

First off, in most of the civilized democracies on the planet the elections are six weeks, from start to finish. Second, normal people aren’t is paying any attention until the last two weeks of October. Third, no one has the money to run ads for the entire 8 weeks, much less longer. Fourth, a real convention will generate a lot more coverage and media time than a coronation. Fifth, this thing has been going on so long now, what in hell can anyone say about any of the candidates that hasn’t already been said?

Think about it. The Repub race is over, McCain won, why cover the non-race. On the Democratic side there is still competition, so fire everyone who was covering the other Republican candidates, and only cover the Democratic story. McCain drops off the shows and disappears, and it’s all Democrats all the time among the talking heads.

What exactly is the down side?

February 7, 2008   6 Comments

The Best Health Care In The World?

Because they can’t tolerate not getting money from every possible human need, Wal-Mart to open in-store medical clinics

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. will open its first in-store medical clinics under its own brand name after leasing space in dozens of stores to outside companies that operate the quick-service health stops.

The world’s largest retailer said Thursday it will open “The Clinic at Wal-Mart” as a joint venture with local hospital systems in Atlanta, Dallas and Little Rock, Ark., starting in April.

I wonder if they’ll run specials on things like broken bones, you know, 20% off after the end of football season. Medical care as a commodity – this is what we’ve come to. How long before there’s a self-service aisle, or you need a barcode tattoo for billing? How many insurance companies are going to require you use them?

February 7, 2008   6 Comments

Seizing Defeat From Victory

By throwing those needing heating assistance or use food stamps or are unemployed overboard, Harry Reid managed to grovel his way to a $170 billion stimulus package, the House has since passed it and sent the bill to the Shrubbery.

When do the Democrats get to win one Harry? Is it too much to ask after we organized a Democratic majority in the Senate, that the party occasionally wins a vote?

February 7, 2008   4 Comments

Oh, Noes, Not Mittens

Rightwingers React


In a move that surprised everyone as it shows a unsuspected connection to reality by a Republican candidate, CNN reports Romney suspends presidential campaign:

(CNN) — Mitt Romney suspended his bid for the Republican presidential nomination Thursday, saying if he continued it would “forestall the launch of a national campaign and be making it easier for Senator Clinton or Obama to win.”

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is suspending his campaign.

“In this time of war, I simply cannot let my campaign be a part of aiding a surrender to terror. This is not an easy decision. I hate to lose,” the former Massachusetts governor said.

“If this were only about me, I’d go on. But it’s never been only about me. I entered this race because I love America, and because I love America, in this time of war I feel I have to now stand aside for our party and for our country.”

Romney made the announcement Thursday afternoon at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington.

I’m quite sure that the attendees at CPAC have nothing to worry about as there is absolutely no proof that John McCain intends to draft college Republicans for his hundred year war, or that he intends to allow ayatollah Huckabee enshrine his interpretation of the Bible in the the Constitution when he becomes Secretary of Religion in the McCain administration.

February 7, 2008   4 Comments

We Interrupt This Program

Update: Here’s an interactive CNN map of affected areas.

Excuse me, while I open a space in the political discussion to point out something beyond the primaries on Tuesday – a powerful series of thunderstorms ripped through the Mid-South with tornadoes that killed at least 54 56 people and injured hundreds. They have been promised help by George W. Bush, which I can tell you as someone who lives in an area struck by hurricane Ivan in 2004 and knows what the Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas Gulf Coast still looks like after Katrina and Rita in 2005, is not going to happen any time soon.

With so many states involved, many of the mutual assistance agreements, with sharing of manpower and resources, is overwhelmed. One of the tornadoes stayed on the ground to plow a 25 mile long ditch in Tennessee. People are hurting, and it would be in the best traditions of liberals, Democrats, and “hippies” to help them out.

Monkeyfister live-blogged the storms, and has the links for direct assistance. A lot of our neighbors in the Mid-South became instantly homeless, jobless, and foodless. It would be a good thing to do for your karma to put aside politics for a short time and walk the walk. Everyone knows that we can talk the talk.

[crossposted at the American Street]

February 7, 2008   2 Comments

Happy New Year, 4705 Wu Zhi

Year of the Yellow Rat

Happy New Year
Happy New Year

Chinese New Year
[Spring Festival]

February 7, 2008   8 Comments