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2008 February 12 — Why Now?
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Snoopy Would Be Proud

The Associated Press reports a beagle has won the Westminster Dog Show. Three-year-old K-Run’s Park Me in First [“Uno”] is the first beagle to be chosen best in show at one of, if not the, most prestigious dog shows.

Him, I could vote for.

February 12, 2008   11 Comments

Changes And Problems

I think I’m going to be forced to upgrade my template and WordPress in the near future because there is obviously something that isn’t appreciated by Firefox and IE in the coding. Firefox renders the site properly, but doesn’t always load it and IE hates my header graphic.

I’ve added a Feedjit widget to the sidebar after seeing it at Fallenmonk’s and Maru’s place. If you open the options you can stop it from tracking you for this site. The reported locations are only approximate. It tells people I’m in Freeport or Santa Rosa Beach. No one really lives in Freeport, and no one I know can afford to live in Santa Rosa Beach.

Actually I should lighten up on Freeport. It started out as a “free port”, as in a smuggling and pirate’s haven, and then someone noticed the major problem – it’s on Choctawhatchee Bay, not the Gulf and you have to pass the Coast Guard at the Destin Pass to get there. They once had the best local seafood restaurant on the Coast, Nick’s, but it burned down and wasn’t rebuilt. I guess the thought of losing that aged deep fry oil was too much for the owners. It takes years to get a grill, pots, and pans seasoned the way you want.

February 12, 2008   5 Comments

Birthday Boys

February 12th, 1809 saw the birth of two men whose lives still reverberate today: Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin. Born an ocean apart in very different circumstances they would both lead lives that inspire admiration and hatred to this day.

February 12, 2008   4 Comments