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2008 February 20 — Why Now?
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My Condolences

33rd Fighter Wing

CNN reports Air Force: 1 pilot dies, another survives after F15Cs collide

(CNN) — An Air Force fighter pilot died Wednesday after two F-15C jets collided during a training exercise over the Gulf of Mexico, according to Air Force officials.

The planes were from the 33rd Fighter Wing, a combat-flying unit out of Eglin Air Force Base, near Pensacola, Florida.

A spokesman for the wing said the pilot died after having been rescued by a fishing boat and transported to the hospital at the base. The pilot of the other jet was also rescued and was listed in good condition, he said.

The crash happened at about 3 p.m. ET, about 50 miles south of Tyndall Air Force Base which is in Panama City, Florida. A statement from the 33rd said the pilots were rescued at about 6 p.m. ET.

These guys fly over my house. The base surrounds all of the local towns. These are my neighbors.

February 20, 2008   8 Comments

Fun Today

Update: CNN is reporting that the Pentagon says they hit the satellite at 10:26PM EST. Now we wait for the aftermath from the debris created.

There’s a lunar eclipse on tap and they are apparently going to attempt the $60 million dollar publicity stunt of shooting down one of our own satellites which may cause debris to land in Canada.

Of course the Chinese are on our case because of all the grief the Hedgemony gave them for doing the same thing some months ago, and I would assume our northern neighbors aren’t exactly thrilled.

Regardless, the missile defense budget needs to have a stake put through it and then be cast into a volcano. We can’t afford it.

Update: This is the anniversary of John Glenn returning to earth from the first US orbital mission in 1962.

February 20, 2008   17 Comments