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2008 February 17 — Why Now?
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Dealing With Reality

The BBC reports on reality: Kosovo MPs proclaim independence

Kosovo’s parliament has unanimously endorsed a declaration of independence from Serbia, in a historic session.

Celebrations went on into the night after Prime Minister Hashim Thaci promised a democracy that respected the rights of all ethnic communities.

Serbia’s PM denounced the US for helping create a “false state”.

A split later emerged at the Security Council, when Russia said there was no basis for changing a 1999 resolution which handed Kosovo to the UN.

This was going to happen as soon as Slobodan Milošević refused to offer anything to the moderates in Kosovo, and the people turned to the Kosovo Liberation Army. If Milošević had even pretended to compromise and hadn’t sent in the military, the people wouldn’t have to turned to the KLA and demanded independence. A map of ethnic groups makes it obvious that the Serbs didn’t want to live there, no matter what politicians many claim about the “historic heart of Serbia”.

It isn’t unexpected that Vladimir Putin has picked up the Pan-Slavic banner of Tsar Aleksandr I to declare solidarity with the Serbs, as he is always attempting to expand the influence of Russia [to expand his own power].

The ethnic Albanians in Kosovo have no intention of ever living under Serbian rule again. The sooner the Serbs accept that and move on, the better for all concerned, but it isn’t likely to happen.

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Done Mostly

Humorous Pictures

Except for Gravatars the template is settled, and the latest version of WordPress [2.3.3] has been installed. If I can ignore the one small thing I’m going to try to move on to other things.

Update: found the key, it is done…for now.

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It’s nearly sort of kind of what I was looking for after too much messing around. The off-site links now open in a new window; the posting area is now wide enough for the I Can Has Cheezeburger? pictures; clicking on the top graphic takes you to the front page. I still need to implement Gravatars, and putz around with the sidebars, but it’s generally done so that when I update WordPerfect I don’t have to rebuild everything.

Oh, the beach scene is local, Grayton Beach. That’s what the quartz sand and turquoise near-shore waters look like. There are six graphics that display randomly- 5 scenes and a variation on the original.

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Passing the Plate

Florida License Plates

Florida Plate Blogging


Standard Florida Plate

A weekend feature of Why Now.

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