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Their National Security Success‽

CNN is reporting: U.S. deficient against Muslim insurgents, study says

WASHINGTON (CNN) — The U.S. military is seriously deficient in meeting “the threat of Islamist insurgencies,” says a Pentagon-commissioned study released Monday.

The Rand Corp. report characterizes “U.S. military intervention and occupation in the Muslim world” as “at best inadequate, at worst counter-productive, and, on the whole, infeasible.” The Pentagon asked the nonprofit research organization to review strategies to thwart insurgents.

The United States should instead focus its priorities on improving “civil governance” and building “local security forces,” according to the report, referring to those steps as “capabilities that have been lacking in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

“Violent extremism in the Muslim world is the gravest national security threat the United States faces,” said David C. Gompert, the report’s lead author and a senior fellow at Rand. “Because this threat is likely to persist and could grow, it is important to understand the United States is currently not capable of adequately addressing the challenge.”

This study was completed quite some time ago and the Hedgemony has been keeping it quiet, even though the report is unclassified and the taxpayers paid for it. But then the Hedgemony has a long history of not releasing reports that it doesn’t like, reports that reflect reality, rather than their script. Almost six and half years after 9/11 and they still haven’t come up with a plan to deal with anything. Trillions of dollars gone thousands of troops dead, tens of thousand injured, and they are no closer to finding an effective strategy they were on 9/12/2001.

Americans are being required to submit to more and more government intrusion in their lives, and it is totally worthless in the so-called War on Terror™ because the people in charge are driven by ideology. Given that the actions they have taken are driven by their belief, rather than any rational assessment of the problem, they refuse to admit that they have failed miserably. They keep searching for some magical solution that will instantly solve all of their problems and refuse to accept that dogged hard work is the only successful way of defeating terrorists.


1 Kryten42 { 02.12.08 at 5:44 pm }

They keep searching for some magical solution that will instantly solve all of their problems and refuse to accept that dogged hard work is the only successful way of defeating terrorists.

That’s what we call hitting the nail on the head!

That report is hardly surprising to many of us of course. It simply confirms what has been obvious for quite some time, and reaffirms what you, I and several others have been saying for some time also. *sigh*

And the World staggers on…

2 Bryan { 02.12.08 at 7:34 pm }

It isn’t simply that it won’t work, it makes the cooperation and information sharing that is essential to tracking down terrorists impossible. It’s obvious that they have blown long term investigations to score domestic political points. They just don’t understand how difficult and how long you have to work to be in a position to gather information. You have to build trust and they bluster around destroying decades of carefully cultivated networks and arrangements.

We had an opening to the fricking Syrians and the Iranians! That would have been a bloody platinum or diamond mine of contacts and data! They tossed it away. Had no idea what it was worth. Had no concept has to how it could have used to slow up the Russians and Chinese, to bolster our position in Central Asia, to move Hezbollah and Hamas.

The whole crew are arrogant, ignorant twits.

3 Kryten42 { 02.13.08 at 7:33 am }

Oh, I understand all too well! It’s one of the reasons I (and several others) were really pissed about the US messing up years of work we had in Libya. We lost two crucial assets close to Qaddafi when the USA did their usual, subtle “never use one bullet or bomb when 100 will do” ham fisted approach. He was supplying arms to SE Asia and a particular ‘country of interest’, and we were close to finding out how, where, who when the USA blew it all to hell. If we had been able to complete the missions and put away the bastards at this end, hundreds or thousands of innocents would still be alive in this region. But hey… consequences are someone else’s problem, right?

And the USA knew about our op’s in Libya. We had an information share agreement. But that turned out to be one-sided, as usual. And the intel svc’s there wondered why we cooled on sharing intel (until the moron Howard started kissy-kissy with Bushmoron’s ass that is. And many good people resigned in disgust and the quality of our intel dropped significantly anyway. Good data is useless without good analysts.)

Yeah… consequences. A word that most Americans never even knew how to spell, until Busmoron taught America the meaning of the word. They say hard lessons are the best learned. I sure hope so! They don’t come much harder.

Maybe now the Avg American will start taking some responsibility (there’s another new word) for their own lives and situation, instead of saying “OK. We elected the Prez. Everything is his problem now. Don’t bother me.”

And I have a legitimate right to be pissed. I had to deal with all the shit the USA left around the place for a long time. Too bad every American over 16 didn’t get sent to Cambodia for a year, or one of the many other hells the USA helped create. Iraq would never have even been contemplated. Maybe you can send everyone to Iraq. Those who manage to survive, may be better for it.

Will never happen, I know. Maybe another great depression will help. We’ve been planting a veggie garden and have some fruit growing here, and a big water tank & bore. We’ll be right. I can go hunting in the mountains nearby, or fishing. Anyone want to join me? 😉 LOL

I really do hope America wakes up. The rest of us out here are getting fed-up and tired. And you know how cranky tired and fed-up people get. 😉 LOL

4 Bryan { 02.13.08 at 11:45 pm }

The debriefing work we did with Russian speakers was really aggravating when we found out that worthless, meaningless political stunts cost us assets. People were ready to defect and then Washington would do something incredibly stupid and they would back off.

There’s nothing like briefing for a mission, taking off, and then getting aborted because someone failed to notify us that something untoward was about to happen near where we would be that just might get us shot down in retaliation. That gets annoying when it happens more than once, and when Washington has the mission plans a month in advance for approval.

It wasn’t just other countries they didn’t coordinate with, they didn’t coordinate with their own people. It’s a sad state of affairs when you go to a liaison meeting and know instantly that your contact hadn’t been told what was going to happen, even though it was his job to know.