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Making Friends Around the World

The BBC reports that there is no lack of stupidity in the Balkans: US embassy in Belgrade attacked

Several hundred protesters have attacked the US and other embassies in Serbia’s capital in anger at Western support for Kosovo’s independence.

Protesters broke into the US compound in Belgrade and briefly set part of the embassy alight. Firemen later found an unidentified charred body inside.

Other embassies, including the UK’s, were also targeted. The UN Security Council condemned the attacks.

The violence followed a peaceful rally by at least 150,000 people in the city.

Most Serbs regard Kosovo as their religious and cultural heartland.

Well, if Serbs were so fond of Kosovo, why didn’t they live there? If it was so important, why did they leave when they had a chance? They don’t really want it; they just don’t want anyone else to have it. This is a truly nasty minority among Serbs, and the nation won’t regain its equilibrium until the rest of the Serbian people tell them to get over it.