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Friday Cat Blogging

Fastest Blink in the South

Friday Cat Blogging

Not quick enough, Flashboy.

[Editor: Property joins the conspiracy.]

Friday Ark


1 jams o donnell { 02.22.08 at 2:14 am }

A “nice try but no cigar” look there Bryan. It’s never easy to get them with their eyse open is it?

2 Kryten42 { 02.22.08 at 6:04 am }

LOL I had a little female gray tabby cat some years ago. We called her Misty. 🙂 She was small, but damned tough! We lived off the beach back then, and had the only house in the neighborhood with no seagulls on the roof… just lots of feathers! LOL

Her arch nemesis was a noisy black crow. The damned thing was bigger than her! One day, I was reading on a couch in front of the big lounge windows, and heard the noisy crow… I looked up and saw it standing on the ground, just cawing. Then I noticed a patch of gray in the grass a few meters away, and saw Misty very stealthily moving towards the bird. I was apprehensive for a second because the bird looked big and strong and decided to go out and chase the crow away. Next thing I knew, Misty leaped at the crow and they fought and the crow was making a huge racket though strangely, Misty was silent. She eventually won, but lost the top third of an ear and had a few other cuts. But she dragged the bird onto the front porch and her tail was swishing from side to side, and she meowed loudly to proclaim her victory! We took her to the vet, and she was OK, needed a couple stitches and a patch for her ear.

Was one of the most amazing things I ever saw. 🙂 She lived about 16 years, and fought anything that tried to come on her property! She allowed us to live there and feed her etc. LOL

She’s one of the only cats we had that I miss. 🙂

3 Steve Bates { 02.22.08 at 8:47 am }

In a stare-down between a cat and a camera, inevitably one party blinks…

(Property grows better-looking by the day.)

4 Bryan { 02.22.08 at 12:19 pm }

I think they are getting a “clue” from the new camera, that wasn’t present in the old camera, Jams. I didn’t have this problem with the old camera.

The females are the hunters, Kryten, and they are very territorial, while the toms wander around and scavenge. A feral cat clan is matriarchal. I’ve seen a feral mother cat take on a raccoon and chase it off to defend her kittens, couldn’t be bothered to wait on me to get there.

It’s the digital delay between what’s on the preview screen and what makes it to the file, Steve. It’s annoying when you are dealing with live “models”.

5 oldwhitelady { 02.22.08 at 7:30 pm }

Even with his eyes closed, he’s still a beautiful cat. He could be a gray tiger.

6 Bryan { 02.22.08 at 8:50 pm }

She is a silver and gray classic tabby, which means she has a swirled pattern on her body, instead of the overall stripes of a mackerel tabby.

7 Badtux { 02.23.08 at 2:36 pm }

It is interesting to note that this is close to the color pattern of the original North African wildcat that was originally domesticated thousands of years ago… all other colors are mutant freaks. Though I like the black shininess of my favorite mutant freak, doesn’t change what he is :-).

– Badtux the Cat-owned Penguin

8 Bryan { 02.23.08 at 4:32 pm }

Pure blacks like Fang are very rare among the local feral population. While Ringo and Income look solid colored from a distance, or in most pictures, they both have a very subtle tabby striping.