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Because I’m a Professional

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Some people would have used this picture, but that would be tacky, offensive, and Republican, so I didn’t, even though it was dropped in my lap by I Can Has Cheezburger?.

The main reason is that I am no longer part of the kindergarten campaign season that skippy, Frederick, and Dave are talking about. With McCain’s campaign finance problems and the schoolyard garbage on the other side, this will probably be one of the lowest turn out elections ever. The scary part is we may end up with President Ralph.


1 Michael { 02.26.08 at 12:24 am }

Is there chum in the water?

2 Bryan { 02.26.08 at 12:51 am }

I’ve never seen the guy before in my life, so I certainly wouldn’t say he was a chum of mine.

3 Cookie Jill { 02.26.08 at 1:41 am }


We won’t end up with McCain. We won’t end up with Ralph, either. I’m just hoping we end up with someone ALIVE at this point. No one is playing nice in the sandbox. I voted for the Grown Up Member of the Democratic Party via Vote by Mail.

4 Chuck Dupree { 02.26.08 at 2:33 am }

We can hope for someone who’ll end the war, or we can vote for a Democrat. We can pray for universal health care, or we can vote for a Democrat. Repeat ad nauseam

5 fallenmonk { 02.26.08 at 8:03 am }

You might have noticed the dearth of political blogs at my place. I am just waiting for the smoke to clear. I have made my feelings clear and while I feel that with either Clinton or Obama we are settling for GOP light I will support whichever one comes out of the mud fight.
I am pretty sure neither McCain or Nader is in any danger of occupying the WH.

6 andante { 02.26.08 at 11:20 am }

I disagree.

There’s too much disgust with the Shrubbery, even around here in Redneck Heaven, and I can’t believe anyone I know would be stoopid enough to fall for Nader again.

Yes, I’m an optimist – but if we don’t have a higher turnout than usual, I will at least place my money on a record LOW turnout of Republicans.

7 The Culture Ghost { 02.26.08 at 11:59 am }

I’ve voted in all but one election (’86) since becoming a registered voter…I am seriously debating with myself if I should vote this year. It seems to be the loudest noise I can make to express my total contempt with the system.

If I do vote, I’ll be writing in Gus Hall. “He’s Red and He’s Dead”

8 Bryan { 02.26.08 at 12:34 pm }

I have to vote, to vote against my idiot congresscritter and at least one repugnant ballot measure [they’ll probably be more before November as the lege is about to meet], but the line for President will be blank. I won’t vote for a Republican, no matter what line they’re on, and Republicans are all that’s left.

This would have been an even dozen Presidential elections, but I’m not about to abandon my principles and offer any form of support to the unDemocrats.