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CNN: Hysteria over swine flu is the real danger, some say

By Sunday, 787 cases of the virus, known as influenza A (H1N1), had been confirmed in 17 countries, the World Health Organization said. The number of fatalities grew to 20.

“There is too much hysteria in the country and so far, there hasn’t been that great a danger,” said Congressman Ron Paul, a Republican from Texas. “It’s overblown, grossly so.”

Paul, who was a freshman senator during a swine flu outbreak in 1976, said Congress voted to inoculate the whole country at the time.

Twenty-five people died from the inoculation while one person was killed by the flu, Paul said, adding that he voted against inoculation.

Those must be the Texas numbers, because over 500 people died in reaction to the vaccine, and there was more than one death caused by the flu, but many times more people were affected by the inoculation than the flu.

The CBC: Clashes erupt in Cairo over pig slaughter

Egypt has ordered the slaughter of all the country’s 300,000 pigs even though no cases of swine flu, or influenza A (H1N1), have been reported in the country.

The World Health Organization said a cull is unnecessary because the virus is being spread through humans.

CNN: Iraq killed wild boars in Baghdad zoo

The animals were tested prior to being put to sleep and found not to carry the virus, Musa said, adding that they were killed humanely.

Iraq had no reported cases of swine flu — known as influenza A (H1N1) — as of Sunday, the World Health Organization said.

And the CBC reports that: Swine flu epidemic on decline: Mexico

Mexico’s health secretary said Sunday the swine flu epidemic in his country “is in its declining phase,” but he stressed that people should remain vigilant against the disease.

Jose Angel Cordova said his country’s death toll from the swine influenza A/H1N1 virus stands at 19 and that the number of confirmed cases has increased slightly, from 473 to 506, including the dead.

The number of cases worldwide now stands at 787, spread throughout 17 countries — with the vast majority of infections in Mexico, the U.S. and Canada — the World Health Organization (WHO) said.

Because of its altitude and pollution levels there are a lot of deaths caused by respiratory problems in Mexico City. With a population of 25 million people and an infrastructure that can’t hope to keep up, the area has a high death rate without anything additional happening. A lot of cases were attributed to the flu that were simply “living in Mexico City”, and it took a while to sort things out.

This was a new virus, and no one could say for certain what the real effect would be, so health officials jumped on it, and the media overreacted. Bad reporting helped to distort opinions by national leaders, which lead to bad decisions on how to react.

OTOH, it has led to a lot of schools and public areas being disinfected, which is good news, because a lot of them have long been in need of this kind of cleaning, and cleaning is one of the first things that gets cut in bad economic times. We are still dealing with the regular flu, and this should help reduce those deaths.

Australia has put thermal imaging equipment at their airports, and that certainly sounds like a good idea as a way to stop a lot of diseases from crossing borders. People were once required to undergo health checks before entering countries, and many countries require pets to be quarantined for extended period. If we are going to hassle people over misspellings or having a common name because of the Do Not Fly list, it would be nice if we stopped people with communicable diseases from wandering around the world. Face it, you are going to be standing in line at customs anyway, and it isn’t intrusive.

* “Da Iqual” is Spanish for “Never Mind” – see Emily Litella


1 cookie jill { 05.03.09 at 6:02 pm }

This flu fear is actually doing our local tourist based economy some good (environmental not so good) as some Mexico bound cruise ships are detouring to Santa Barbara and Catalina Island.

cookie jill´s last blog post..Cooking Up Stories in the Kitchen with the Sisters

2 Bryan { 05.03.09 at 8:11 pm }

The Florida boats are also changing their itineraries, and you definitely have to watch those suckers to keep them from dumping trash in the water.

3 hipparchia { 05.03.09 at 9:16 pm }

off topic, i know, but i really really really miss gilda radner.

hipparchia´s last blog post..Flood MoveOn.org’s Dr Dean email inbox

4 Bryan { 05.03.09 at 9:33 pm }

She was the perfect person to demonstrate how totally absurd many of today’s commentators really are.

You can’t read the local letters to the editor without thinking how perfectly she portrayed these people.

Watching Beck or Limbaugh or any of them, I keep waiting for Chevy Chase to tap them on the shoulder and explain how they totally lost the thread.

The entire Hedgemony was one Emily Litella moment after another.

John Stewart tries, but he can never replace Gilda Radner.

The Smothers Brothers Show, That Was The Week That Was, Saturday Night Live – satire, but not mean spirited.

5 hipparchia { 05.03.09 at 9:56 pm }

i only vaguely remember that was the week that was, when was it on?

smothers brothers, laugh in, carol burnett… our family’s activities were scheduled around these shows as much as possible. and i really liked the first few years of snl.

i like stewart and colbert both, especially since i can watch them in short clips thanks to the interwebz, but gilda has so far been irreplaceable.

hipparchia´s last blog post..Flood MoveOn.org’s Dr Dean email inbox

6 Kryten42 { 05.03.09 at 9:59 pm }

I watched a lot of TDS shows and I get the impression that Jon wants to be a real journalist, but realises that the only way he can do any real journalism in the USA is via satire and comedy. That in itself is a pretty sad commentary. You can see it in the way he treats many of his guests, and the genuine anger he occasionally displays when the MSM does something particularly insane. 🙂

7 Bryan { 05.03.09 at 10:31 pm }

TW3 was on in the mid-1960s, and I think it was the first time Americans saw David Frost who hosted the British and US versions. I was in college, and it was something we watched every week.

Frost has always been devastating when he was in form, because he never seemed to be as nasty as he actually was quite often.

John Stewart does have a tendency to drop out of character, which I can understand, but it makes the show less than it could be. Gilda Radner never did. She stayed in character and that was her power.