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2009 May 03 — Why Now?
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Office Pools

One of the things I miss about not working in office is the absence of the office pools. There were the standard sports-related pools, that I generally ignored, because I never had an interest in American sports.

The pools I liked were like the big pool in Alaska on the thaw of the Tanana River [just occurred on Friday with a quarter million dollar pay out], or when something we expected would happen.

If we worked in an office, instead of being individuals, by now someone would have started a pool on when Arlen Specter will vote with the Democrats in the Senate for the first time. There obviously wasn’t a performance clause in his contract when he supposedly switched teams.

May 3, 2009   4 Comments

Da Igual*

CNN: Hysteria over swine flu is the real danger, some say

By Sunday, 787 cases of the virus, known as influenza A (H1N1), had been confirmed in 17 countries, the World Health Organization said. The number of fatalities grew to 20.

“There is too much hysteria in the country and so far, there hasn’t been that great a danger,” said Congressman Ron Paul, a Republican from Texas. “It’s overblown, grossly so.”

Paul, who was a freshman senator during a swine flu outbreak in 1976, said Congress voted to inoculate the whole country at the time.

Twenty-five people died from the inoculation while one person was killed by the flu, Paul said, adding that he voted against inoculation.

Those must be the Texas numbers, because over 500 people died in reaction to the vaccine, and there was more than one death caused by the flu, but many times more people were affected by the inoculation than the flu.

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May 3, 2009   7 Comments