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2009 May 24 — Why Now?
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The Party Of Wealthy White Guys

The Miami Herald thinks the Florida GOP may have a problem: All-white slate may be liability

At a time when the Florida electorate is growing increasingly diverse, the Republican party is gearing up to field an all-male, all-white slate in 2010.

There are a lot of Cuban-American Republicans in this state, but the state and national party don’t seem to recognize their existence. The instant backing of Charlies Crist, which put Marco Rubio at a distinct disadvantage, is not the way to “win hearts and minds”, but the GOP can’t figure that out.

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North Korea Has A Tantrum

The ABC reports that North Korea detonates nuclear bomb

North Korea has staged a “successful” underground nuclear test, the communist state’s official media said.

The North “successfully conducted another underground nuclear test on May 25 as part of its measures aimed at strengthening its self-defence nuclear deterrent in every way,” the Korean Central News Agency said.

CNN is reporting that the US Geological Survey has detected a 4.7-magnitude earthquake in North Korea, 375kms north-east of the capital Pyongyang.

This is the same area where they set off the first test. They said they would do it after the UN chastised them for their long range missile test, and they feel like they are being ignored again.

They are probably annoyed by all of the coverage of the non-existent Iranian program, while they actually have nuclear capabilities. It is past time to look at the real threats in the world and deal with them.

May 24, 2009   4 Comments

No Money For Bargains

Fred Grimm at the Miami Herald reports on failed attempt to sell Florida assets: No bids found for highway robbery deal

If only I had known that all those well-connected foreign conglomerates were gonna chicken out I’d have bid on Alligator Alley myself.

Heck. I’d have offered the entirety of what’s left of my 401(k). I figure if I’m ever jettisoned from the newspaper writing business, my unique skill sets correspond nicely with the necessary attributes of highway toll collector. I already own plenty of cheesy Florida shirts. All I’d need, to complete my resumé, is a long-term lease on a busy 78-mile ready-built, well-maintained, high-profit toll road.

Who could’ve guessed that none of the expected bidders would bother, despite the state spending $3 million on the prep work to unload a public asset the public would rather keep?

Selling assets to cover budget problems was a prominent feature of the Reagan Administration. Rather than admit that the big tax cuts for the wealthy did nothing but generate huge deficits, Reagan and Congress started selling the property of the taxpayers to cover the real cost of their mess.

Fortunately this sale failed, but the practice is a long time responsibility dodge by politicians – short term cash infusions to cover this year’s problems that make matters worse in the future.

May 24, 2009   2 Comments

Flying The Flags

When you visit one of our beautiful beaches if you anticipate entering the warm turquoise to emerald green waters you should scan for a colored flag that will tell you what the conditions are like.

Mild Surf greenThis is not the flag of Libya, it is the flag that tells you that you probably aren’t going to drown if you are a reasonably competent swimmer. It is a great day to be on the beach.

Choppy Surf yellowThis flag tells you that the surf is a bit choppy and you will probably want to stay out of the water unless you made it to the regionals in swimming at school.

Wild Surf redIf Michael Phelps doesn’t consider you a threat, and you haven’t won at least three Iron Man competitions, stay on the beach. This is associated with rip currents which will pull you away from shore. You can see the currents if you are paying attention as they are found in that really placid looking spot on the water away from all of the violent looking surf.

No Swimming Wild Surf redThis is the “No Swimming” flag that is flown below the red flag. It tells you that you will probably drown if you enter the water, and the life guards don’t like their chances if they try to rescue you. Should you decide to enter the water, please swab your mouth with a Q-tip, and put the swab, your insurance card, next-of-kin contact information, and suicide note in a plastic bag on the beach. A recent, flattering photo for the newspaper to use would be nice, but don’t bother with finger prints, because DNA will be needed, depending on how long it takes to recover your body and how much of it is recovered.

Marine life purpleThis flag warns of the probability that there is dangerous marine life in the water. Normally it means one or more types of stinging jellyfish, but they would probably fly it for a Great White.

So far this weekend we have had red flag conditions across the northern Gulf Coast, with Walton also flying purple for jellyfish. What a great start to the summer season – gas up 25%, thunderstorms, rip currents, and jellyfish.

May 24, 2009   8 Comments