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2009 May 17 — Why Now?
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MHNT – Coda

So another member of the merry band of unemployed Haitians has been exonerated, but five were convicted of something. Unfortunately the judge’s decision in the resolution of the problem I discussed in MHNT – Episode Four – The Hedgemony Strikes Out Part Duh A, was to remove the stubborn juror, which is, as I said, the basis of the appeal. The Miami Herald covers the problem in Terror trial’s outcome may be tainted.

The problem is that jurors in the two previous trials couldn’t agree on what the evidence showed, so it should have come as no surprise that jurors in the third trial wouldn’t agree. The fact that one defendant was totally exonerated and the majority weren’t convicted on all counts, demonstrates a weakness in the case.

They should never have bothered with a third trial, and I can’t see this verdict being upheld, but who knows anymore.

May 17, 2009   2 Comments

CROSSing The Line

Via the Agonist and others this Gentlemen’s Quarterly [GQ] slideshow of covers from the daily briefings that Rumsfeld had created for the very top officials.

If you think the torture pictures would be a problem for the troops in Muslim countries, how do you think even moderate Muslims will react to these gems? Anyone who doesn’t believe these are going to be used to justify the claim that the US is conducting a Christian Crusade against Muslim nations is hiding their heads in the sand.

These sorts of things are absolutely, positively, totally, and unequivocally in violation of hundreds of years of US military rules, policies, and procedures.

May 17, 2009   10 Comments

Fairly Unbalanced Media

Millions of people in the streets protesting the possibility of the Iraq War doesn’t even get a yawn from the media.

For a week solid they have been covering the few dozen people protesting a commencement address by the President at a Catholic university best known for its sports teams. He’s going to receive an honorary degree which is a pretty cheap price for all of the media attention.

You would have thought it was a missing blond teenage girl, or the arrest of a celebrity for DWI [extra coverage for blond female celebrities arrested for DWI].

And these people have the gall to blame the ‘Net for their declining revenues.

May 17, 2009   4 Comments