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2009 May 14 — Why Now?
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They’re Not In Kansas Anymore

The Miami Herald reports on the weekend events in Dade County: Anti-gay church to protest here

A small, radical Midwestern church that has made headlines for picketing Iraq War veterans’ funerals plans to protest an America it believes has gone pro-gay and anti-God with demonstrations in South Florida beginning this weekend.

Yes, the Wicked Whackoes of Westboro are headed for South Florida to annoy people. Fred and the Phelpes are planning to start their tour in Key West and then move North with their pathetic street theater performance.

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The 2% Solution

This CNN opinion piece pretty much summarizes reality in its head line: Social Security healthier than your 401(k).

The writer, Alicia H. Munnell, is the Peter F. Drucker professor of management sciences at Boston College and director of the Center for Retirement Research, but don’t let her years of education and research sway you when you can listen to the options of the financial whizkids who gave us the GOPression that has impacted the Social Security system slightly and wiped out the retirements of people who were counting on their stock portfolios.

Single-payer will solve most of the Medicare/Medicaid problems, and minor tweaks to the existing Social Security system, which are nothing compared to the doubling of the tax rate that Ronald Reagan did in the 1980s, solve the problems that are decades away.

People are “entitled” to these payments, because they have been paying for them their entire working lives.

May 14, 2009   2 Comments


When I saw the announcement on MSNBC about Dell Computers launching a new web site for women called Della, before I even clicked to read the story something told me “It’s going to be pink”. It’s pink.

Laptops as a fashion accessory ?!?

Yo, dudes, most of the women in this business would trend to steampunk, not pink.

Michael Dell has come a long way from his days of selling computers from his dorm room in Texas, too bad his social sensibilities never made it beyond the frat house. Seriously, man, PINK?!?!

May 14, 2009   26 Comments