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2009 May 20 — Why Now?
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Read For Comprehension

The headline is: San Angelo mayor quits over immigrant boyfriend

This is a story about the town outside the gate of Goodfellow AFB in West Texas, one of the places I was stationed in the Air Force.

The job only pays $600/year but this guy won re-election for a fourth term with 89% of the vote.

The only reason I bring it up is the reading skills of the people at the Houston Chronicle commenting.

One of them actually said: “well thats one way to get that visa, marry an American and have an anchor baby”, having apparently missed the part about HIS honor having an immigrant BOYFRIEND.

Actually, having a “close, personal friend” that is human is rather upscale in West Texas. [/snark]

[OK, so the Florida legislature still hasn’t made bestiality a crime. Come on, the Republicans can’t attack their base.]

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How Appropriate

Realizing that they don’t have to build Fantasyland, Disney plans new resort near Washington, D.C..

I wonder how having the real Mickey Mouse outfit in town will affect all of the pretenders in Congress?

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Water, Water Everywhere

In Central Florida: Relentless rains bring flooding; winds damage homes in Port Orange

The National Weather Service said this morning more than 11 inches of rain were recorded at Daytona Beach International Airport between 8 a.m. Monday morning and 8 a.m. today. And another 2.74 inches had fallen by 2 p.m., bringing the three-day total to almost 14 inches.

Even larger rainfall totals were reported in some parts of Flagler County. Emergency Management technician Bob Pickering said downtown Bunnell has received 19 inches since Sunday and Haw Creek, in extreme western Flagler, got 16.5 inches. Other notable totals: 16 inches in Port Orange, 10.6 inches in DeLand and 7.05 in Ponce Inlet.

In Northern Australia: Disaster zone: SE Qld under water

Yesterday was one of the wettest days in south-east Queensland’s history.

More than 300 millimetres [11.8 inches] of rain fell across the region, with some spots soaked by falls of up to 428 mm [16.9 inches].

The Florida rains are the result of a not quite tropical depression off the Atlantic coast in the Gulf [damn inconsiderate of these things to move when I’m not paying attention].

Queensland has been having nasty weather like this for a few years. It’s not the way things were.

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A Spot Of Bother

The UK political scene is a bit unsettled at the moment with two members of the House of Lords suspended for acting like US Senators and consorting with lobbyists. What a shocking thought, changing legislation at the behest of someone with money … tsk, tsk.

Over at the other end of the building the Speaker of the House of Commons resigns for not being able to control the greed of the members of the chamber.

The BBC has a backgrounder: How will new Speaker be chosen?

Sticking with tradition, the new Speaker is dragged to the Chair, feigning reluctance.

Finally, the Speaker-elect must be approved by the Queen before they may take office.

Given recent history, I’m not sure the reluctance will be feigned.

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Let’s Make A Deal

According to the Local Puppy Trainer, the Federal prosecutors had a wonderful package behind Door #1 and my former sheriff went for it: Morris admits guilt in all six felony charges. Teresa Adams looks like she will be going for the same plea agreement on Friday.

Meanwhile we learn that the Sheriff’s Office finance director has been suspended

SHALIMAR – On the day Charlie Morris pleaded guilty to six felony charges, administrators at the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office suspended another person implicated in the kickback scheme.

Sandy Norris, Morris’ finance director, was suspended with pay Tuesday “subject to the completion of an internal investigation,” interim Sheriff Ed Spooner said.

Ah, Sandy, this is where you decide to spend more time with your family and resign to save whatever benefits you can. Actually you should have been looking for “other opportunities” as soon as Charlie and Teresa were arrested.

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