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Let’s Make A Deal

According to the Local Puppy Trainer, the Federal prosecutors had a wonderful package behind Door #1 and my former sheriff went for it: Morris admits guilt in all six felony charges. Teresa Adams looks like she will be going for the same plea agreement on Friday.

Meanwhile we learn that the Sheriff’s Office finance director has been suspended

SHALIMAR – On the day Charlie Morris pleaded guilty to six felony charges, administrators at the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office suspended another person implicated in the kickback scheme.

Sandy Norris, Morris’ finance director, was suspended with pay Tuesday “subject to the completion of an internal investigation,” interim Sheriff Ed Spooner said.

Ah, Sandy, this is where you decide to spend more time with your family and resign to save whatever benefits you can. Actually you should have been looking for “other opportunities” as soon as Charlie and Teresa were arrested.