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2009 May 27 — Why Now?
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Reaction To The Nomination

If I had spent 8 years at 4 different universities and still couldn’t come up with a degree, Karl, I wouldn’t comment on the intelligence of a summa cum laude graduate from Princeton. It’s just tacky.

I understand why she makes Newt and Rush nervous. If I had had as many divorces as either of those guys, a woman judge would probably make me nervous. I have to say that a guy whose television career was measured in nanoseconds because he couldn’t stop himself from making affirmative action comments about a black NFL quarterback, should probably avoid the racism issue.

Via Keith Olbermann, who got it from Glenn Greenwald, these comments by Samuel Alito in response to questioning by Senator Coburn [R-Oklahoma]:

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May 27, 2009   6 Comments

News Flash!!!!!

For Immediate Distribution:

Puerto Rico is a United States Territory

Puerto Ricans do not immigrate to the United States; they are citizens of the United States.

Being a Puerto Rican is the same as being a New Yorker, or a Floridian, even if you don’t speak English.

It is unbelievable that a territory that is featured on the new US quarters for 2009, and whose people have been citizens of the US since 1917, still has to be identified as being part of the country. They had a Presidential primary last year, for crying out loud.

Update: That wingnuts in Tennessee don’t know about the status of Puerto Ricans is sad, but that the Washington Post has to issue a correction for an editorial shows the level of ignorance in the “Village”.

May 27, 2009   10 Comments

Whining Even Louder

The Pensacola News Journal reports on the “crusaders”: Pace principal: We won’t back down

It may cost him his job, but Pace High School Principal Frank Lay says he won’t sit back and watch student leaders be denied a chance to speak at their own graduation — despite worries they may violate a federal consent decree.

“No way are we going to back down, back off, lay down or roll over,” he said to the applause of more than 700 people who attended a Students’ Rights Rally at Pace Assembly of God on Tuesday night.

Lay said it is time the community takes responsibility.

“The blame game is the devil’s game,” he said. “It is the devil’s distraction for what we need to do, and we need to get busy as Christian people.”

In other words, the consent decree, which saved Frank Lay’s job, is too restrictive because it prevents Frank Lay from indoctrinating students into his personal creed. People shouldn’t look too closely at who is to blame for the existence of the consent decree, because it turns out, it is Frank Lay.

Two students at Frank Lay’s high school complained that their civil rights were being abrogated by the way that Frank Lay included proselytizing into every event at the school, and rather than firing Frank Lay and telling the teachers to stop it, the board signed a consent decree and told Lay to cut it out.

Frank Lay needs to start his own church or get a job at one of the “Christian” high schools in the area, not expect the public to provide him with a salary, a staff, a facility, and a captive congregation.

May 27, 2009   2 Comments