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2009 May 16 — Why Now?
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Pelosi Is A Distraction

I have never really taking a shine to Nancy Pelosi and certainly don’t like her results as leader of the House and failure to whip the Blue Dogs into shape, but I see no reason to put up with the lies being pushed by the GOP and CIA to cover their butts.

Ignore Nancy Pelosi and her statements, and look at what my former Governor and Senator, Bob Graham has to say about CIA records and recollections concerning members of Congress. He was the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee from 2001 until 2003, the period in question, and he says the CIA records are wrong.

Bob Graham has a few unusual habits.

One is Workdays, when he works at someone else’s job for a complete 8-hour shift. He has been a busboy, baggage handler, cop, teacher, etc. to give him a feeling for what workers go through. He started doing this while a member of the Florida Senate, and never stopped.

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Let The Bloodbath Begin

Pat Rice on the Local Puppy Trainer heard rumors that Charlie Crist might be gay and is quick to add a variation of “not that there’s anything wrong with that”.

The Pensacola New Journal notes that Fierce 2010 races shaping up in Florida

Marian Johnson, vice president for political strategies for the Florida Chamber of Commerce, said the demographic trends are friendlier for the Democrats. The party always outnumbered the GOP but with the surge in voter registration last year, she said, more new voters signed up as independents and no party voters than as Republicans.

“One of the problems for the Republicans is the voter who is registering is typically a young woman and they’re very interested in what’s going on,” said Johnson. “They are paying attention now.”

Yes, folks, Florida has always been a majority Democratic state, but the national party for years has siphoned off all of the political money, and a backlash against incumbents led to a redistricting that gave two-thirds of the state and Federal legislative offices to the Republicans.

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Listen To Her

Susie Madrak has a video of Elizabeth Warren explaining about bankruptcy and medical insurance – central point: 75% of those whose bankruptcy filing is related to medical bills have insurance. This is the same insurance that many in Congress think should be protected from single-payer.

You may remember Elizabeth Warren from a Daily Show segment where she explained the financial meltdown to John Stewart. She is the Chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel on the TARP program.

Here’s a Frontline interview from 2004 on credit cards. She has a rather low opinion of credit card terms.

She is also on the Sicko DVD as one of the extra interviews.

She is a professor of law at Harvard, teaching contract and bankruptcy law. She is a wonderful teacher because she knows her subject matter so well that she can explain it clearly to a general audience. She really wants you to understand it.

She is someone who should be listened to, because she knows what she is talking about and isn’t political.

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