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Listen To Her

Susie Madrak has a video of Elizabeth Warren explaining about bankruptcy and medical insurance – central point: 75% of those whose bankruptcy filing is related to medical bills have insurance. This is the same insurance that many in Congress think should be protected from single-payer.

You may remember Elizabeth Warren from a Daily Show segment where she explained the financial meltdown to John Stewart. She is the Chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel on the TARP program.

Here’s a Frontline interview from 2004 on credit cards. She has a rather low opinion of credit card terms.

She is also on the Sicko DVD as one of the extra interviews.

She is a professor of law at Harvard, teaching contract and bankruptcy law. She is a wonderful teacher because she knows her subject matter so well that she can explain it clearly to a general audience. She really wants you to understand it.

She is someone who should be listened to, because she knows what she is talking about and isn’t political.