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2009 May 07 — Why Now?
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It Always Fails, So …

… let’s try it again.

CNN reports that News Corp is going for an epic FAIL: Murdoch: Web sites to charge for content

(CNN) — Media tycoon Rupert Murdoch expects News Corporation-owned newspaper Web sites to start charging users for access within a year in a move which analysts say could radically shake-up the culture of freely available content.

Speaking on a conference call as News Corporation announced a 47 percent slide in quarterly profits to $755 million, Murdoch said the current free access business model favored by most content providers was flawed.

“We are now in the midst of an epochal debate over the value of content and it is clear to many newspapers that the current model is malfunctioning,” the News Corp. Chairman and CEO said.

“We have been at the forefront of that debate and you can confidently presume that we are leading the way in finding a model that maximizes revenues in return for our shareholders… The current days of the Internet will soon be over.”

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May 7, 2009   10 Comments

Oh, Noes!!!

Dr. Bunsen Honeydew & BeakerThe Pensacola News Journal shrieks: Okaloosa County has case of probable swine flu. Which is terrifying news, because everyone knows there are no other possible causes of death in Okaloosa County … well, except for all of the other diseases on the planet, and with military people who are sent all over the world, we get to see them all. I guess the lethal mix of terrible local drivers and tourists on overcrowded roads, is sort of dangerous. We do test all of the airborne weapons systems that the US has in the county. There is that Explosive Ordinance Disposal school here. We’ll probably have to include all of the crazies with access to guns.

Yeah, but this is THE FLU, you know, not just a cold. You get a fever with this one and there are reports of nausea.

I’m sorry, but I’ve spent a lot of time in areas around the world where living until the age of 40 was a rare thing, and making it to adulthood was a 50-50 bet. We are going to have the same problems with this flu that we have with regular flu, and one of the biggest problems is the lack of a single payer health care system that would have people visiting a doctor’s office, instead of crowding into an emergency room.

May 7, 2009   10 Comments

Santa Barbara Jesusita Fire Update

FireFound a local TV station, KEYT with an evening update

6:30 p.m. UPDATE: The Jesusita Fire has over run it’s perimeter and is now burning into the Mission Canyon and San Roque Canyon areas of Santa Barbara. At this time there is no containment, and multiple structures have been lost. KEYT has confirmed reports that structures in the area of Palomino Rd have burned. KEY News will continue to monitor this breaking news situation.

The self-important media doesn’t seem to care enough to report.

The LA Times is providing coverage and has a map.

As anticipated, when the sun went down the winds picked up and the fire sprung to life, jumping the lines and reaching houses. The terrain is rugged with few roads, so trying to contain it will require airpower, and conditions in which the aircraft can fly.

Edit: LA Times links updated at 11AM CDT.

May 7, 2009   8 Comments