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Read For Comprehension

The headline is: San Angelo mayor quits over immigrant boyfriend

This is a story about the town outside the gate of Goodfellow AFB in West Texas, one of the places I was stationed in the Air Force.

The job only pays $600/year but this guy won re-election for a fourth term with 89% of the vote.

The only reason I bring it up is the reading skills of the people at the Houston Chronicle commenting.

One of them actually said: “well thats one way to get that visa, marry an American and have an anchor baby”, having apparently missed the part about HIS honor having an immigrant BOYFRIEND.

Actually, having a “close, personal friend” that is human is rather upscale in West Texas. [/snark]

[OK, so the Florida legislature still hasn’t made bestiality a crime. Come on, the Republicans can’t attack their base.]